Chinese Calligraphy: The historical testimony of engraving calligraphy motto on the door.

Professional, serious, and continuous exploration, leading these students to make breakthroughs time and time again, stand out in the calligraphy and painting competition, and won the first prize and gold award in the cereal category. 

In ancient Chinese history, calligraphy and Chinese characters have been the soul of historical testimony and have continued for thousands of years of civilization. However, among the many historical testimonies.


There is such an art, but it is left to people's infinite reverie. "Calligraphy on the door"!

πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

Look at the parents of us now, what do we really want to leave to our children?  What image is emerging in your mind?  House, car, money.  It's been too long since I've really lost education. If I had such an attitude two hundred years ago, I would have been laughed to death.  

Nowadays, the degeneration of the atmosphere is too serious. In ancient times, it was said that "cultivating oneself is like holding jade, accumulating virtue and winning leftover gold".  

We people lack calm thinking now. Which family is becoming more and more prosperous because it left a lot of property?  No one was found. As a result, a swarm of people went there. 

Moths fighting the fire were not just moths. People were also doing this.  Look at Jide, let’s calm down and think about it. Which attitude and behavior of our lives are deeply imprinted in our children’s minds?  

When we think of our parents, we are committed to our duties. It is the father who massages the grandma and beats her back. It is the image of the unity of brothers and sisters, the family traditions and traditions that have been passed down.  We are not clear about the images left in the minds of children. This is the continuation of our lives.




πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

Moral loyalty is far-reaching and magnificent, and I work with kindness and kindness.  Hong means gate and grand, so the first half of the sentence basically means good moral character and performance means practice. 

Lu means salaries and salaries for modern people. Sui means comfort, so the second half means taking the government's salaries to perform.  It is vigorous to appease the people when it is one's own duty.  Generally speaking, I hope that the family style is simple and can be passed on for generations.

The Chinese calligraphy and Chinese characters on this door are very beautiful, indicating that the family at that time was also very wealthy.



 πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

Although my father had studied in a private school, he didn't have much culture. He respected scholars and had high hopes for his children's studies.  

His mother was illiterate and did not plant a few acres of thin fields. His father always tutored his mother for cultural knowledge after work. His mother had read more than 3,000 characters, and he was able to read TV, news, and novels with ease.  

Parents have a meager income, but they do everything possible to buy good books for their children. There are thousands of ancient and modern books such as "San Zi Jing", "The University", and "The Analects of Confucius".



πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

Only an upright, tenacious, loyal, and positive family atmosphere can set up a correct view of thinking for children from an early age and set a good example of positive and enterprising. 

In the long learning process in the future, children will learn because of the correct guidance and training.  It has become a kind of enjoyment, played to the extreme, until success. It also verified the sentence "Knowledge changes destiny"!

However, I don't know why the Chinese calligraphy and door panel of this door are painted in this color?



πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

When you are self-cultivating, you will think of Confucius's doctrine, and you have to look at Emperor Yao when you use Depu to transform the world.  To put it simply, to study knowledge, one must learn from Confucius's doctrine, and to educate others, one must learn from Emperor Yao.

 The blue door shows that the head of the household has a broad mind, as big as the blue sky; while the two Chinese calligraphy couplets are just inlaid in the blue sky, which is particularly conspicuous. The black pattern under the door is a white cloud in the sky.  It symbolizes good luck.




πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

To be tolerant and kind to others, you will have a vast world; calmly and behave in the world, you will get more opportunities.  In today's commodity economy society, intrigue seems to have become a normal phenomenon. 

Many people have already taken the blame, and they have also found many reasons to rationalize it, saying "no business is not evil", "harmfulness is possible, and people are defensive."  The heart is indispensable".   In fact, since ancient times in Chinese history, there has been a tradition of emphasizing honesty. 

There are admonitions such as "people do not have faith and don't know what to do", "people do not stand without faith", touching stories of the last generation, and "getting a daughter is not as good as getting a season."  "Buyinuo" beautiful talk.  In ancient Chinese society, "people believe in what they say", there is no need to make any promises between people. As long as one sentence is said, it will still have the effect of winning one's words.   

No matter what kind of industry a person is engaged in, if he wants to succeed in his career, he relies on good interpersonal relationships, extensive social network, and material and spiritual help from others.  

However, all of this must be based on human credit, and human credit is the "foundation" of success.   Therefore, honesty and kindness is a prerequisite for life.  If a person wants to learn to behave in the world, he must first learn to be a person.  

To be a human being is to stand in the world, to be honest and kind in everything and to be able to take honesty and kindness as the value belief and basic principle, to be broad-minded, to compare hearts, to have goodness and kindness, to trust and be honest with each other.



πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

Hongwen literally means a magnificent and grand article. In fact, it is a metaphorical expression. It means that if a person wants to be as famous as a well-known work, he needs to work hard, and all people who become famous are not themselves.  

It was learned in a closed manner, and the fact is that when he encounters problems in the process of learning, they will try to solve them by all means, and humbly learning from the successful predecessors is the fastest way to solve the problem, and in the future will surely become the wise man who has contributed the most in the history of mankind.  ! 

To be honest, the Chinese calligraphy characters on this door are not so conspicuous, but the calligraphy on it is very rare.

πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

In order to fully understand the meaning of the couplet, I specifically consulted relevant materials and learned that the sky is the sky, and the world is everywhere.  

From "Poetry·Xiaoya·North Mountain": "Under the sky, could it be the king's soil." Ji is Jizi, a famous wizard and master of divination at the end of the Yin and early Zhou Dynasties.

And use this to guide the country's agricultural, fishery, animal husbandry or crusade activities.  He advocated the "five blessings" of longevity, wealth, health, good virtue, and good end, and persuaded people to be good.  

The next sentence "Huanhai Jingqing" is from Pei Du's "Casting Swords as Agricultural Fu" in the Tang Dynasty: "The thirteen years of the emperor's succession to the throne, Huanhai Jingqing, Fang Yuping." An analogy of Qingming Taiping.  

When the eight characters are connected, the whole world is covered with the five blessings mentioned by Jizi, and the whole place is as pure as a mirror, which means singing or hoping for peace in the world.




πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

In the new year, this person has turned sixty years old. He has noble morals, integrity and integrity. The years to come will be very long. 

He will live a healthy and long life, a comfortable and happy old age, a happy and auspicious, happy and auspicious old age!  Yearn for!

And the scarred door in front of us, I don't know how many winds and rains have gone through, how many years have gone through, the vaguely visible Chinese calligraphy and Chinese characters, let us see the testimony of history.

πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

The loyal and kind heart of the whole family, the self-cultivation principle of putting yourself in the consideration of others.  After cultivation step by step, it will rise to a higher level until the saint reaches the ideal state.

Here is a story: In 1267 AD, that is, the fourth year of Kublai Khan from Yuan Shizu to Yuan Dynasty, the moon night of the fifteenth Mid-Autumn Festival, the autumn is high and the air is refreshing, and everything is silent.  

At this time, in a courtyard in Rongcheng, Baoding, Hebei, there was a Confucian named Liu Yin who called himself "quiet cultivator". Facing such a moonlit night, he was drinking tastelessly, plucking his strings and making no sound.  When I was so bored, I picked up a copy of Zhou Dunyi's "Tongshu" in the Northern Song Dynasty and read it.  

This Zhou Dunyi cannot be underestimated.  He is praised as the "Master of Taoism" and "The Pioneer of Neo-Confucianism", and this "Tongshu" is his most important work at the moment.  Although this book is marked with "Tong", to Liu Yin, who has just come into contact with Neo-Confucianism, it seems profound and difficult to "Tong".  

Especially when I read the so-called "Sage Xitian, Xianxisheng, Shixixian" in the book, I was even more incomprehensible, and unconsciously sighed: "Mr. Zhou is really pedantic! The sky is mighty, clever and unpredictable.  Where can people hope to achieve it? It's really misleading for future generations!" Apart from feeling, I couldn't help the poetry flourish.  

In the midst of Yin Feng Nong Yue, don't have a taste in my heart, and I fell asleep unknowingly.  In a trance, Liu Yin entered a clear and bright world, and saw three extraordinary old men walking towards him.  Liu Yin hurriedly welcomed him to the seat, and prayed again.  

It turned out that one of them is Zhou Dunyi, who is "splendid with the light and wind and the moon", Shao Yong, who has "wind and moon feelings, and the spirit of the rivers and lakes", and the other is Zhang Zai, who has the "wind of the ancient gentleman".  .  

The three of them were originally the founders of Neo-Confucianism in the Northern Song Dynasty, but at the moment they are all immortal.  

After Shao Yong and Zhang Zaixian gave some introductions, Zhou Dunyi, who was silent, slowly said: "Doesn't your kid doubt my path to sanctification of'xixi xian, xian xian, saint xian"? Actually,  The pursuit of life revealed by this path is not only achievable by scholars (students), but also achievable by everyone in the world." Liu Yin heard it even more confused.  

Zhou Dunyi had no choice but to explain his point of view once again: you must know that what exists between heaven and earth is an omnipresent truth.  Under the general illumination of reason, everyone can be born with the perfect and pure aura of heaven.  

This is the most fundamental prerequisite for all moral progress.  In the past, there is no difference in nature, whether it is a saint, a wise person or an ordinary person.  If you really want to improve your moral realm, as long as you work hard to "retreat" and give full play to your inherent goodness, there is no goal that you can't reach.  

Of course, there are differences between people, and there is no need to deny this.  But this does not affect the determination of the ideal goal based on the example of the saint and the action itself towards this goal.  As long as you work hard, even if you fail to reach the predetermined goal-if the goal is in the sacred, but only achieves the virtuous, it is worthy of affirmation.

πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

The merits of our ancestors show endless power. Under the influence of this majesty, our descendants will spread their branches and leaves, and our children and grandchildren will be full. 

Virtue is our foundation, that is, under the protection of our ancestors, we are prosperous and our family is prosperous.  The little couplet shows the cultural taste and philosophical concept of the owner of the little courtyard.  

According to the test, the "shu morality and prosperity" in the Lianzhong came from "Shang Shu·Thai Oath": "shu morality and morality, eliminating evil."  

The classic sentences of the Four Books and Five Classics are written into the door couplet, which shows that the earliest owners of the small courtyard are not idlers.

Although the color has faded, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese characters are clearly visible.

πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

Regardless of the age, family style is the root of the rise and fall of a family.  A good family and a good pair of parents don't save the children how many savings, how many houses, how many cars, but how much life wisdom is taught to them through words and deeds.




πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

It is a family of filial piety, fraternity, harmony, and harmony. That is to respect and respect the elders, and whether the children and grandchildren are filial to the elderly. If a family can be filial to the father and children, respectful to the brothers, brothers and sisters, and live in harmony, it will be full of vitality and harmony. 




πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

The Hutongs in Beijing are a fragment in the history of Beijing’s ancient civilization.  There are fewer and fewer things that can be recorded.  However, those few fragments hide traces of history, tradition, culture, and humanity.  

She was felt, reflected, tasted and re-examined by people and got enlightenment from it.The fragments have a poetic sentiment, and the charm of art comes from such incompleteness, which makes people's thoughts sublimated; the fragments make us look back at ancient events; the fragments tell people that this is history with her unique taste; 

the fragments make us more profound  Remember the past.  It is these fragments that give the continuity and integrity of the historical development process, and it is these fragments that enable us to have a deeper understanding of this ancient civilized city.



πŸ’«Explanation of the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters on the gate:

 Jiangxia has a long history, and Jiangxia has a rich cultural heritage.  Due to its close proximity to mountains and rivers and superior natural conditions, 

Jiangxia had traces of human activities as early as more than 5,000 years ago, and it was the intersection of the famous Qujialing culture and Shijiahe culture.  In the long river of history, there are many splendid cultural phenomena shining on the boundary of Jiangxia.


Lin Lan teacher of Lin Lan Painting and Calligraphy Education has rich teaching experience and was selected as the best excellent calligraphy and painting instructor.

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