Guess what festivals in China calligraphy will write good wishes for life.

This question is not difficult for the Chinese, but for Western friends, it may be necessary to check it. In the most beautiful southern city in China, Lin Lan’s calligraphy education is bringing this special holiday gift in advance to friends who love learning. 

Under the guidance and guidance of teacher Lin Lan, the students are using it happily and earnestly. The brush writes a new year's wish!

Students are writing calligraphy seriously

The Spring Festival, the traditional name is New Year, New Year, New Year, also known as Oral Du Year, to celebrate the New Year, New Year. In ancient times, the Spring Festival usually used solar energy to refer to the beginning of spring, and it was also considered the beginning of the year.


Then, the Chinese children are earnestly practicing writing Chinese characters with a brush, stroke by stroke. They are not only practicing writing, but also experiencing the enjoyment that every Chinese character stroke brings!


These children were afraid of writing at first, but now they like to write Chinese characters. In this wonderful process, I have verified my daily growth and progress in Linlan painting and calligraphy education!


 As you can see, from the happy smiles of the children, you know that they are writing their lives with a brush because they have found the best tutor-Teacher Lin Lan!


They are a group of ordinary children, but they have told us one thing with their actions. They will continue to study hard and get good results in the end.

The method is wrong and the effort is useless. Only the correct learning method can achieve the real high-efficiency and high-quality goal. Then, Lin Lan painting and calligraphy education, in this field, the specific natural advantages, all of which benefit from the richness of teacher Lin Lan Educational experience.

Learn to write Chinese characters, learn to paint Chinese painting, welcome to Lin Lan's calligraphy 

and painting education!

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