Why is there a mysterious big fat cat in the magical ancient painting?

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I believe that many friends like cats, but many of them must have never seen the big cat fat in Chinese paintings?

First of all, today we are going to introduce the painter of the cat.

Ren Bonian (1840~1896), named Yi, named Bonian, was born in Shanyin, Zhejiang, and a famous modern painter.

Together with Wu Changshuo, Pu Hua and Xugu, they are named "Four Outstanding Masters of Shanghai School in the Late Qing Dynasty".

There are so many cat species involved in his painting of cats, and there are as many as six in the only works left in the world.

such as the snow pistol, the hanging-printed gun, the golden quilt and the silver bed.

The cat pictures in his pen are simple in layout and lively and lively. 

Looking at the gestures, they are vertical and horizontal, and they are bound by wireless bars. 

They are very personal.  This painting style is a bit... ugly and cute, the cat looks like a rolling ball~


The group of paintings that Lin Lan’s calligraphy and painting education is coming to share today has a 

unique style and incorporates what he sees, sees and thoughts in his life. 

This group of pictures came from Mr. Ren Bonian. The group of paintings he painted is cats  But the 

cats in his works are not very eerie and weird, but simple and fat, giving people a cute state.

The cats in his pens are often written in boneless painting methods, with simple brushstrokes on key parts.

but most of the brushstrokes are drawn with ink, especially the changes in the intensity of the pen and ink.  The body of a cat can be vividly reflected.

The cat’s two small eyes, especially the original god, seem to make the whole picture alive. 

The cats also become alive when they are painted horizontally and vertically. 

Some climbed up the trees, some were hidden in the flowers, and some were hidden in the flowers.  

Ready to fish, some are squinting and resting. The different states are stuck in Ren Bonian's brushwork. 

We might as well walk into his paintings to experience it, and go to the place where he lives to experience Chinese paintings.

His painting originated from the folks, he emphasized on inheriting traditions, absorbed Western painting techniques, 

and formed a unique style of painting with a variety of styles. His achievements are the most outstanding among the "Four Reigns".  


I am good at figures, flowers and birds, and landscapes. His figure paintings are based on a wide range of materials. 


The works reflect real life, pinpoint the society, place personal feelings and have a certain ideological nature.  

The modelling is concise, accurate, vivid and expressive, and the technique is changeable.

He mixes traditional brush and ink with watercolor painting, light ink and color intersect, and his style is bright, warm, fresh, lively, and extremely creative.

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