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This is a man who has been learning Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting with Lin Lan since the first grade. To be honest, when I first saw the Chinese characters written by her, it was a bit like the Chinese characters carved on ox bones in ancient China. It always makes people have a lot of imagination. A naive, sensible child fell in love with Chinese history. The oldest calligraphy.

She came here admiringly, and found teacher Lin Lan on a special trip to learn art from her teacher. In addition to studying at school, she insisted on studying in Linlan painting and calligraphy. The first lesson I remember most was like the brightest star in the sky, illuminating the darkness before her eyes, and let her truly walk into the mysterious and yearning door of Chinese calligraphy.

Speaking of the first time, there may be many firsts in life. It's amazing to say that because of teacher Lin Lan's professional teaching experience, her first learning is like planting a seed that will become a big tree in the future.

But I don't know what's going on. For the first time I learned to write Chinese characters, every stroke and stroke seemed to be writing five thousand years of history in China. I remember the first time I wrote, my hand felt sore and tired, but this little hand was holding an ordinary pencil, no! In fact, her little hand is holding the future of Chinese calligraphy. You see, when she concentrates on writing Chinese characters, she has verified this!

Professional students who practice writing seriously

Everyone, please see, the student below does not have a long study time, but he loves Chinese calligraphy more than playing games. Teacher Lin Lan once said, "The Chinese characters written by a person can see everything about a person, meaning: the word is like the person"!

The content written by this young student is: Jixiangruyi, which means "bring good luck".

Seeing this, some foreign friends may ask, why write it on the red background paper? This is a very good question. Teacher Lin Lan will explain to you. It is because there is the biggest festival in China, "Spring Festival", and before the Spring Festival in China, they will deliberately write meaningful Chinese characters on paper with a red background. Red is in China. It means to celebrate.

Oh! By the way, it's a bit like before Christmas, people always prepare all kinds of Christmas items, such as Christmas trees, and the meaning of Chinese characters written on red background paper is the same.

Practice work "Auspicious Ruyi"

The following student, perhaps for Chinese people who are looking at this exercise work, might guess one or two Chinese characters, but I think, for foreigners, perhaps watching this exercise work is like seeing Oracle bone inscriptions. Ancient Chinese characters engraved on it. If you have such room for imagination, congratulations, you really fell in love with Chinese calligraphy. If you have the opportunity, please come to China and find teacher Lin Lan to study.

This work of practice seems to be filled with infinite imagination. The strokes between bending, variation, and thickness show the wisdom of ancient Chinese people. This student is exactly what Lin Lan has rich teaching experience. It is verified that the writing of ancient Chinese characters is very good, which is a true portrayal of every serious study, and at the same time proves the growth performance of such students under the guidance and teaching of Teacher Lin Lan.

Practical work "full bloom in spring"

On the road of reading and learning, there are no shortcuts. If you want to learn more and broader knowledge in the vast mountain of books, "diligence" is indispensable and the best condition. To climb the peak of knowledge, diligence is the only way to reach the top.

If you want to swim in the boundless ocean of knowledge, patience, hard work, and hard-working attitude will be a forward boat that can take you to the other side of success. On the road of reading and learning, there are no shortcuts to take, and there is no boat to sail down the wind. If you want to learn more and broader knowledge from the vast mountain of books and the sea of ​​study, "diligence" and "hard work" are two Indispensable and the best condition, it shows that diligence is the main point of learning.

And this student is really on the road to success because of his persistence and persistence in calligraphy.

Practice work "Shushan Youdao"

Looking at the following exercise work again, it seems that I have seen it before. Yes, the blog posts I published before include works written by Teacher Lin Lan himself. You can also check this blog post.

This is a practice work written by one of the students who is just beginning to learn. From the lines between the lines, you can see that this student's attitude to study seriously. Sometimes your attitude will change everything. Only after studying did I know my shortcomings; after teaching, I realized that my knowledge was poor.

If you have this kind of confusion, then quickly find teacher Lin Lan, find Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education, this is always a good starting point for your life.

Practice work "Learning and Knowing Change"

We can see that under the guidance and teaching of Teacher Lin Lan, this student has finished writing calligraphy works for participating in the national competition, and happily made a victory sign. It can be seen that his happy smile has once again proved Teacher Lin Lan's excellent teaching experience.

In the end, the student's work won the most meaningful national award in his life, and he happily displayed his learning achievements. Behind all this is the affirmation of the professional teaching paid by Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education.

I believe that the learning path will be very difficult, but the learning path must not lack an excellent tutor. Then come to Linlan Calligraphy and Painting Education to help you open the door of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese calligraphy!

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