Chairman Mao's calligraphy collection is rare to see!

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There is a kind of spirit, passing through the clouds and smoke of history, and becoming new with time;   

There is a kind of nostalgia, after the wind and rain of the times, it has become more mellow.

Nothing can retain history, but the heart can be, and the calligraphy left behind can be!

A few flies hit the wall.  Buzzing,


Chairman Mao, a great man of the century who was full of passion and caring for the people, wrote the dignity of the Chinese nation while waving his hands; 

A few screams, a few sobbs.

Chairman Mao Thought, a spiritual wealth shining with the glory of Marxist theory, inspires future generations to pay their lofty ideals to fire  According to legend.

Ants marginal Sophora japonicus exaggerated country, Mayfly


Today, Chairman Mao in people’s minds is no longer a giant on the altar, but the great achievements he made for the Chinese revolution and Chinese history are still unforgettable.   

Shaking the tree is easier said than done.  Westerly Falling Leaves

It’s just that what people mention today is no longer just the name, but the era behind the name; 

Go to Chang'an, Fei Ming Dy.  How many things

what people bow to is no longer just the name, but also the countless heroes behind the name; 

Always anxious; the world turns, time is short.


people will still remember  Live, this name has become an indispensable symbol that accompanies this nation. 

ten thousand years is too long, fight for now.  All over the world

Through the limitations of historical merits and demerits and the fog of political disputes between right and wrong.

Tossing clouds and water anger, the five continents shaking

people will also find that Chairman Mao, as the heroic representative of the Chinese who shocked the world in the past century.

Wind and thunder.  To wipe out all pests,

is still standing on the commanding heights of the times, especially the calligraphy works left by him throughout his life.  

Invincible.  Mao Zedong February 5, 1963

It also provides great encouragement, enlightenment and strength for the new generation of Chinese sons and daughters who are struggling.  

Seek progress every day

At any time, respecting history, respecting truth, and respecting heroes who have dedicated themselves to the nation are the indispensable virtues of a nation. 

 Mao Zedong serves the people

In his calligraphy, there is the soul of a great man who points the country, the poet's affection that inspires the words, 

Hard and plain

the thinking of ancient and modern philosophers, and the general idea of ​​a military man who strategizes.

Contact the masses

Chairman Mao's calligraphy is a fusion of all schools, has changed the past and the present, and is self-contained. 

The greatness of life, the glory of death

Its artistic charm has deeply infected generations of Chinese people.

Let a hundred flowers bloom and bring forth the new

In addition to directing the various strategic stages of the Chinese revolution, Chairman Mao has never forgotten his calligraphy practice. 

Raise vigilance and defend the motherland

He often read the rubbings. From the Jiangxi base to Yan'an, Chairman Mao has nothing to do with him, 

A single spark can start a prairie fire

but he has always read the writings written by Jin and Tang Xiaokai waiting for him.  

The army moves forward   production grows an inch   Strengthen discipline   Revolution is invincible

Fateh was with him.  His calligraphy achievement lies in Crazy Grass, which is derived from Zhang Xu and Huai Su.  After middle age, 

Develop sports   Strengthen people's physique

he formed a unique personal style: Wang Yang, unrestrained, ups and downs, with a strong sense of visual beauty.

Thousand pointing fingers, head bowed as a willing ox

Chairman Mao's words are both passionate and rational.  Looking at his cursive script, the line of sight is involuntarily drawn. 

Learn from Comrade Lei Feng

Following the lines and pens of his cursive script, the time is tight and tight, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.  

Do it yourself

Shrouded in the "aura" created by his cursive script, it is like being attracted by his great man in real life.

Adequate food and clothing

Appreciating Chairman Mao's calligraphy, we can not only feel the beauty of his dragon and snake flying, majestic, bold and unrestrained calligraphy art, 

All ethnic groups of the People's Republic of China unite

but also feel the style of a great man who instructs the country, exhilarates words, looks at the world, and leads the way.

Be brave, firm, and composed.  Learn from the struggle.  Ready to sacrifice everything for the cause of national liberation!

Chairman Mao’s calligraphy is unconventional, and has a very distinctive sense of innovation and distinctive personality.

Seek truth from facts

he learned from the ancients without sticking to the law, invented new ideas in the law, puts magical principles outside of boldness, 

Die for the people

innovates the old and brings forth the new, leading the coquettish, thus forming  The unique "Mao Characters" and "Mao Body" are created.

Study hard now and work hard in the future

Chairman Mao's calligraphy has a unique style, and he has a strong and unrestrained spirit.  As a great man, he has many inscriptions, 

study well

and all of them have high literature value and artistic appreciation value.  Fortunately, many of his inscriptions are visible today;

Love the motherland, love the people, love labor,   Caring for public property is the public morality of all citizens.

Looking at his cursive script, the line of sight is involuntarily drawn. Following the lines and pens of his cursive script, the time is tight and dense, 

Be the gentleman of the people   Be a student of the people first

and sometimes fast and slow.  Shrouded in the "aura" created by his cursive script, it is like being attracted by his great man in real life.

strive assiduously

He is a master of calligraphy in contemporary China and is recognized as one of the most outstanding calligraphers in the 20th century.

Up every day


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