The peculiar eyes of ancient people in Chinese paintingsđź‘€, don't look at those who are timid!

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People say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Whether you are happy or sad, it is your bright road to a better tomorrow. Today's sharing may open your eyes.


Just a thousand years ago in China, there were a pair of strange eyes that people could not see through in historical Chinese painting, as if each pair of eyes were telling a different legendary story.



Gu Kaizhi, a painter of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, did not point his eyes casually in the paintings of figures, thinking that "the point of the eye is easy to say".  He often said: "It is easy to wave the five strings in the hand, and it is difficult to see the flying dragon by the eye".  

It means "it's hard to draw people's eyes".  That's why he painted figures "without eyeballing for several years".  When asked why, he said: "The four bodies are beautiful and beautiful, the original death is about the beauty, and the vivid portrayal is in the middle of Adu", which shows how serious and cautious he is about "the finishing touch".



The first sentence of Su Dongpo's Theory of Expressing Spirit in the Northern Song Dynasty is "the difficulty of expressing spirit lies in the eyes".


To draw a person's features perfectly, it is best to draw his eyes. I think this is very true. If you draw a full set of hair, even if it is fine and realistic, it is meaningless.



When painting people, the eyes are the most important thing. When painting people in ancient times, they were especially concerned with the vividness of the spirit. The eyes are the voice of the heart. The eyes in ancient paintings are where the spirit flows. 


Although the eyes of the different characters painted by the ancients are only a few strokes, the joy, sadness, anger, loneliness, fear, or love and hate of the characters are vividly expressed!


These eyes look like some kind of murderous look. It's best not to look at this ancient Chinese painting when you are alone at night, otherwise you will have nightmares at night! Haha! Of course it's a joke, but if  If you're brave enough, I don't have any advice for you.


What do you see in his eyes?  There is ease in the kind smile, it should be very satisfied with the old age.


This is a pair of insidious, cunning, and unpredictable eyes.This is a pair of insidious, cunning, and unpredictable eyes. People say that eyes are the window to the soul, but the eyes in this Chinese painting are hard to fathom.


The eyes in this Chinese painting look very scary. I think this Chinese painting is the most unsuitable for people to appreciate alone at night. I think many people will have nightmares when they see it.


The female worker who is concentrating on weaving clothes, in the traditional Chinese painting she stares at the clothes in her hands, for fear of making mistakes in her work, which shows that the textile industry at that time was also very developed.

Guess this Chinese painting, are the characters in the painting male or female?  I think everyone here will definitely say, how do you know just by looking at a part?  

But I want to tell you that the eyebrows are slender and curved like the moon, and the eyes are gentle and kind.  These features show 80% of the female expressions, yes, she is the Chinese painting portrait of "Queen Gaozong".

In this Chinese painting, the eyebrows of the characters are deeply sunken, and the light and shadow are reflected between the eyebrows and eyes, and the visual experience is very strong. Especially the blue maple leaf print on her forehead shows that the characters in this Chinese painting are noble.

When we look at this Chinese painting, the most conspicuous is the two long eyebrows, the eyes are sharp and bright, and the corners of the eyes are specially extended. 

This is a unique makeup technique during the Tang Dynasty in China.  Today's Japanese are people from the Tang Dynasty in China at that time.

However, in this Chinese painting, the character's eyebrows are tightly locked, and her eyes are looking down, conveying a melancholy look. I can also roughly know the character's emotional ups and downs through the expression, which shows that she was nervous and sad at the time.

We only look at the close-up of the eyes of the characters in the Chinese painting. We should not be tempted by the appearance of the characters. In fact, the eyes of the characters are strange, sinister and cunning.  

Why is there an extra eye on the forehead?  That's because the characters in Chinese painting lack self-confidence, in fact, they are not as good as ordinary people.

In Chinese painting, there are thick eyebrows and big eyes, but in this Chinese painting, they are thick eyebrows and narrow eyes. Thick eyebrows: It expresses the character's extraordinary courage, courage and might. Small eyes: expresses that the characters have a strategy and plan.

There is nothing better to observe a person than to observe his eyes.  Eyes cannot hide a person's ugliness.  When the heart is open and upright, the eyes are bright; when the heart is not open and upright, the eyes are dark and unclear.  Therefore, when listening to a person, pay attention to his eyes, where his good and evil truth can be hidden.

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