Lin Lan's Calligraphy and Painting Education Surprised to Discover 12 Pictures of Ancient Chinese Beauty

Write good Chinese characters, draw good Chinese paintings, welcome to Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education!

The long and brilliant history of painting in ancient China has left a large number of exquisite works.  Among them, there are no lack of female images in various historical periods that are graceful or graceful, or combing the clouds and flying the moon, or charming, or gentle and elegant.

Together, we will spread the life picture of the graceful and graceful beauty in ancient times, and appreciate the immortal beauty of the Forbidden City that has been tender for years.  The "Twelve Beauties" in the collection of the Palace Museum reproduces the lives of the goddesses in the Palace Museum one by one.There are 12 pictures of "Twelve Beauties", painted on exquisite silk bottoms. 

It is a meticulous figure painting created by court painters in the early Qing Dynasty. In the form of a single painting, it depicts 12 palaces dressed in Han costumes.  Yuan women’s tea-tasting, book-reading, indulging, and butterfly-watching scenes are also used to realistically reproduce the most popular makeup and accessories of Qing palace women’s crowns, hairstyles, and jewelry at that time. 

The signatures and seals of the Yongzheng Emperor on the silk paintings, such as "Brachen Jushi", "Hu Zhongtian", and "Yuanming Master" were all aliases he used when he was in the mansion, but he only used them before he ascended the throne in 1723. It can be seen that  The silk paintings of these twelve beauties were originally mounted on the screen of the Shenliu Reading Hall in Yuanmingyuan when Yinzhen was a prince.

In 12 beauty pictures, the beauty pictures depicting women’s living space have been common in the Tang and Song Dynasties, but a little comparison shows that the women in the Tang and Song beauties paintings are in hairpin flowers, tuning the piano, tasting tea, playing chess, bathing infants,  Dressing up in the mirror, teasing pets..

These Qing dynasty women not only have the training of piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, but also have the taste of royal nobles. At the same time, they have been influenced by Western culture. You can imagine the beauty in the paintings with high cultural literacy.

Okay, let's take a look at "The Twelve Beauties of Yinzhen" with Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education

Viewing Birds on a Couch

Reading and pondering

Lizhi Ruyi

Relying on the door to view bamboo

Enjoy the butterfly in summer

 Sewing under the candle

 Tongyin Tea

 Beauty meditate

 Hold the watch against the chrysanthemum

 Twist the bead view cat

 Qiu Zhuang on the Mirror

 Oven to watch the snow

We have copied 12 beautiful pictures from the original paintings, if you like, you can contact us.


US$1,800 per frame × 12 frames   

Total price: USD 21,600

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