Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education sharing:How did the Song Dynasty people spend the weekend long ago

Dear friends, welcome back to the Linlan calligraphy and painting education blog website. Today, I want to share with you what the day in the weekend life of the ancient people and the current people is like. We will find the answer from the ancient paintings.

"Song Dynasty (960-1279)   It has a history of more than 1,000 years. The Song Dynasty at that time was prosperous and open, "Fighting for the Eight Wastes, All Nations and Xiantong", The business atmosphere is very strong, The level of civilization is also higher than that of other countries. 

The weekend life of Song Dynasty people It's also very rich and comfortable,   Envy?

in the morning

The best time of a human day should be in the morning, because everything is welcoming the first ray of light in the dark.

Modern people know about oral health, so they usually have to brush their teeth to protect our dental health.

As early as the "Song Dynasty" in ancient China, after people got up in the morning, they used their own toothbrushes to wash their teeth and mouth just like modern people.

You may be wondering why there is no brush in the toothbrush in the picture above. Oh, that's because these are ancient objects and belong to antiques. The brushes have disappeared with the passage of time.

In the morning, wash your face, brush your teeth, and eat breakfast. The people of the Song Dynasty will wake up at the time teller, then wash their faces and brush their teeth.  Yes, you are not mistaken. People in the Song Dynasty did not brush their teeth with their fingers, because there were toothbrushes at that time, and the materials were very domineering and wooden~

⫸In the noon⫷

Modern people's life is very rhythmic, and they can enjoy it. Maybe going for a walk to see the scenery or playing football or basketball, I think they are all good choices.

The weekend is a good time to play football, of course, the Song Dynasty people call it Cuju.  Regarding this, Song Dynasty poet Lu You's "Remnant Spring" once wrote: "The young people in the country know this, and they shout at the Cuju field everywhere."  There is no reason why this movement is so popular, because it was Song Taizu who started it greatly.

 And now people also choose more elegant golf.

But you never thought that there were golf balls in the Song Dynasty in ancient China.Some literati with poor physical strength would choose a more refined golf, that is, "beat pill". Like modern times, this sport is also a status symbol.

Exercise consumes so much, of course, a good lunch is indispensable.  According to "Tokyo Menghualu": ​​"There are 72 households in the Jingzheng Store, and the rest are called footholds."  In other words, there are only 72 big restaurants, and there are countless small restaurants. It is simply a paradise for foodies!  Let me reveal a little secret: Not only do people help to pour the wine during the meal, but also the singer sings to help the fun~

⫸In the afternoon⫷

People nowadays, maybe you will go to a meaningful concert in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, listen to songs, drink tea, and order takeaways!  According to the records of "Tokyo Dream Hualu", there were a lot of "Washe Goulan" in Song Dynasty. 

 Only Bianjing had "more than 50 big and small goulan", and some even "can accommodate thousands of people."  Scale~~Small sing, pur sing, Zhuguan tune, Zaju, a variety of repertoires for you to choose, nowadays the most influential repertoire is here!

If you don't like lively, you like quiet, and now people will choose to drink coffee at home.

In ancient China, people used to drink tea. The method of ordering tea in the Song Dynasty was very famous. After it was introduced to Japan, it became instantaneously hot, and it became the Japanese tea ceremony.

 Usually people are very casual on weekends and don’t bother to cook. Basically, they order takeaways.

 In the Song Dynasty, take-out food delivery staff were already very popular. In this precious piece of art "A Picture of the River on the Qingming Festival", everyone has seen many take-out food delivery staff, which is really unexpected. 

⫸In the evening⫷

I think people's night life is more colorful nowadays, there are people who go to sing, dance, and go to the bar to chat and drink with friends.

In the evening, fight tea, write words and paint at night market.  In the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, the curfew was completely lifted, and the people of the Song Dynasty have enjoyed a feasting night life.  There are many teahouses near Bianhe Hongqiao, rich people often come to this "fighting tea", winners generally win a pot of Longjing rewarded by teahouses.  This is very popular in the Northern Song Dynasty, where the tea culture is popular. In addition, people can also listen to books and eat snacks while drinking tea.  

when people who have eaten and drank come home, they will take advantage of the tea to splash ink, write words and paint, and record this happy weekend.

So in which era do you think modern people’s weekends and ancient people’s weekends are more meaningful?

Okay, Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education, I will share it with you today. Thank you.

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