The famous general of the Three Kingdoms who disappeared for a thousand years, founded a country overseas, and now this place is full of beautiful women and is becoming rich

In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in turmoil, with vassals and lords rising to form a triumvirate.

In the period of years ago, the endless stream of famous generals was one of the brightest scenes, and Mr. Luo Guanzhong wrote the famous book "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" based on this history, which in turn made this history, almost a household name.

So what are the famous generals of this period mentioned?


The five tigers under Liu Bei and the five sons under Cao Cao are naturally much talked about, but the famous generals at the time were by no means the only dozens, not to mention two hands, even four hands can't be counted.

It is also because there were so many famous generals at that time that some of the military generals who were originally quite strong in their own skills were dulled.

This is still easy to understand even now, for example, with Jordan was born in the same era of the ball player is more tragic, in Jordan's blinding light, the other stars, even if they are more powerful, that also has to appear in the shadow.

In this article, we will talk about a general who has been forgotten by history for thousands of years and has left almost no fame in Chinese history.

He was a famous general of the Three Kingdoms who had "disappeared" for 1,800 years, then couldn't stay in the Central Plains, so he traveled west into overseas and founded a country that is now becoming rich and full of beautiful women.

The man's Chinese name was Ma Anti, and his foreign name was Mamikonian, and the country was Armenia, located in the Transcaucasus region of West Asia.

In order to go to Armenia, why did the horse resistance become the ancestor of the local population passed down to each other?

This matter also has to start with Ma Chao, one of the Five Tiger Generals.

Ma Chao's grandson?

In the 16th year of Jian'an, Ma Chao, who was forced to lead tens of thousands of troops, rose against Cao Cao and once forced Cao Cao to a dead end, but unfortunately, he later fell for Cao Cao's diversionary scheme, which eventually led to a defeat, and Ma Chao's clan was also slaughtered as a result.

After Ma Chao gathered the troops, again attacked Long Shang, wanting to find some face, the result was defeated again, under the last resort, he defected to Zhang Lu in Hanzhong.

When Liu Bei was attacking Liu Zhang, Ma Chao surrendered to Liu Bei and became a general under Liu Bei. Ma Chao followed Liu Bei for 7 years and made great achievements, and in the second year after Liu Bei became emperor, Ma Chao became seriously ill and was about to report to the king of hell.

Before he died, Ma Chao looked back on his life, he was depressed, thought about it, but still gave Liu Bei on the book, Ma Chao wrote.

My family clan more than 200 mouths, for Meng De was killed slightly exhausted, but there is from my brother Dai, when the micro-trust for the blood of the successor, deeply entrusted to Your Majesty, the rest have no more to say.

It means that Ma Chao's clan of more than 200 mouths were almost all killed by Cao Cao, leaving only one follower, Ma Dai, to carry on his mantle.

From this account in the Three Kingdoms, we will find that Ma Chao's descendants should have been killed by Cao Cao as well, so some assertions that Ma Anti was Ma Chao's own grandson should not be accurate.

Sun Sheng, a Jin native, wrote a book entitled "Shu Shi Genealogy", which contains this passage.

Ma Chao's younger brother Dai, word Bozhan, Teng brother wing's son also. Father wing into Xu for the northern army in the wait, after returning to Liangzhou, Liangzhou chaos, will be dozens of relatives into the west. Dai brother resistance, with the wing west into, or to the West Sea.

This means that Ma Anti is actually the younger brother of Ma Dai, Ma Chao's younger brother, and not Ma Chao's grandson, which is still more plausible.

Why did Ma resist traveling west into overseas?

In 263 A.D., Wei general Deng Ai sneaked in from Yinping and approached Chengdu all the way. Liu Zen, the latter's lord, saw this and, with his hands spread out, said he conceded and opened the door directly to surrender.

After Liu Chan surrendered, he was "invited" to Luoyang, but this did not mean that all the ministers of Shu Han would follow Liu Chan to live a life of happiness.

Among them, Ma Anti did not go to Luoyang, but chose to go all the way to the west, Ma Anti as Xiliang people, naturally first returned to Xiliang, but then Xiliang and outbreak of civil unrest, Ma Anti will continue to the west with a dozen people of his family.

After that, Ma Anti disappeared from the history books, but later, by chance, some scholars found traces of Ma Anti in the book "History of Armenia", so that the legend could be continued.

In Armenia, there is a noble and prominent family - the Mamikonian family, whose ancestors were horse resistance.

Ma Anti traveled west from Xiliang all the way to Persia, claiming that his father was a king and he was a prince of noble status. At that time, communication was not developed, and the western countries had complete reverence for the east, so they naturally believed Ma Anti's words.

Later, he was received by the Sassanid monarch of Persia, Ardashir I, and lived a relatively prosperous life abroad.

But the good times did not last long, after the real envoy from the East heard about this matter, he asked the Persian king for Ma'anti and others. The Persian king did not want to offend Ma'anti, but also did not want to offend the emissary from the East, so he thought about it and ordered people to send Ma'anti and others to the vassal state Armenia.

Why did the horse resistance become the hero of Armenia?

At that time Armenia was only a Persian vassal state, and King Terdat II, a warm and hospitable man, welcomed Mamikonian, who came to join him, and changed his name to Mamikonian in order to completely integrate into this not independent country.

Mamikonyan felt that he could not just survive by waving and cheating, he had to show some real skills, so he told Terdat II that he could fight and would fight.

For such a talent, Teldart II naturally will not not use, so he participated in a number of local wars, Ma anti give full play to his literary and military tactics, to help Teldart II will have those dissident tribes beaten to the ground.

The happy Terdat II also gave his daughter in marriage to him as a tribute, and after the death of Terdat II, Ma'ant became the de facto ruler of Armenia.

Faced with Persian oppression and aggression, Ma Anti felt that this could not be tolerated, so he waved his flag and led the people to resist Persia. After a series of wars, Armenia defeated Persia and gained independence, and Ma Anti became the national hero of Armenia.

A sculpture of Mamikonian still stands in the center of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, for posterity and remembrance.

Later on, although Armenia also experienced riots and invasions, they never forgot the freedom that was composed for them by an ancestor named Ma Anti.

Nowadays, Armenia is becoming rich, and the streets are full of beautiful women, which is also a beautiful scenery in the region. If you have time, you can take a trip there and see the statue that is revered by the local people in the center of Yerevan.


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