Thousands of years old frescoes have been restored, and what is on them is frightening?

We do not overcome nature, what we have to do is to live in harmony with nature, only then can we embrace nature and breathe the free and easy air.

There are too many unbelievable things in the world. In the midst of the amazing nature, human beings are just a small grain of sand and dust, blindly arrogant and arrogant, and will eventually be punished by nature.

Under the many incredible, scientists are leaving no stone unturned, wanting to peer into the mysteries of nature, archaeologists in deep excavation, wanting to know the past to predict the future with ancient objects, historians are looking through ancient books to study all kinds of ancient civilizations, intending to unravel the mystery of the ancients.

In many people's impression, the technologically advanced now is far better than the ignorant ancient times, but if we look deeper into the ancient civilization, we can find that their wisdom to our amazement, and even many of the artifacts created by the ancients, with our current technology can not even copy.

How puzzling is it?

Is it really that modern people are inferior to ancient people?

Of course not, it is just that in some areas, the wisdom of the ancients always surpasses our expectations, so that following the ideas of the ancients, we can only stand still, and can not break through the slightest.

In the history,Therefore, some people believe that there is another highly developed civilization outside the Earth, they have left traces of existence on Earth, those incredible artifacts, then all of them left.

Whether this view is correct or not can only be confirmed by scientists, all we can do is to understand those unbelievable civilizations, such as the Mayan civilization located in the Americas.

The Mayan civilization reveals magic everywhere, and its advanced degree is even more amazing, then the Mayan civilization is actually advanced to what extent?

One of the murals from thousands of years ago was restored, and what was recorded on it was terrifying.

Overview of the Mayan civilization

The Mayan civilization, whose sites are located in the rainforests of southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and the country of Belize, was in the Neolithic period, but its civilization was quite advanced, with great achievements in astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, and art.

As we all know, the world is divided into six major plates, namely, the Eurasian plate, the African plate, the Indian Ocean plate, the American plate, the Pacific plate and the Antarctic plate, these plates are adjacent to each other, but due to the barrier of the ocean, people living on land must use transportation to communicate with each other.

And in the Neolithic period, most of the primitive ancestors everywhere were still playing with stones, and there was no advanced transportation at all, let alone mutual communication, so the various plates were relatively isolated from each other.

This is not a story legend,The Mayan civilization is the civilization created by the American Indian Maya independently of the ancient civilizations of Asia, Africa and Europe in isolation.

According to evidence, the Mayan civilization was born in the tenth century BC, when China was under the rule of the Zhou dynasty, but compared to the superior natural conditions in China, the Mayan people were in the tropical rainforest conditions are very harsh.

But even so, the Mayans still overcame all the difficulties and created their own glory under the incredible natural conditions.

But the Mayan civilization died out too suddenly, as if a flash in the pan, coupled with the harsh conditions in the rainforest, so that the civilization here has been unknown to people.

It was only in the 1830s that the mystery of the area was lifted when an American explored into the middle of the rainforest and discovered the ruins of the Mayan civilization for the first time.

After this, archaeologists and explorers flocked from all over the world, and as the Mayan ruins were unearthed one by one, the Mayan civilization became more and more incredible.

The Incredibility of the Mayan Civilization

The Mayan civilization was advanced in many ways, especially in mathematics, astronomy and art, which amazes people today.

According to archaeologists, the Mayans had mastered the eclipse cycle and the orbits of the sun, moon and Venus, and used them to create a calendar exclusive to the Mayans.

Nowadays, the astronomical observation of a year is not 365 days, but 365.2422 days, so in our Chinese lunar calendar algorithm, we often have to use leap months to adjust the specific time of the year.

This algorithm was calculated only after a very scientific algorithm, but the Mayans calculated a year of 365.2420 days, with an error of only 18 seconds.

Now scientists have calculated the Venus rendezvous period as 584 days, and now people calculate it as 583.92 days, on average, the error rate is less than 12 seconds per day.

In addition to the astronomical achievements, what is even more incredible is what was unearthed from the Mayan ruins, the most noteworthy of which is the crystal head.

The crystal head is completely processed and ground with quartz, and the size is similar to a woman's head. What is even more incredible is that this crystal head is not only realistic in appearance, but also has the exact same internal structure as a human head.

History tells us,In addition, the hardness of quartz is so high, second only to diamond, that it is impossible to work on it, let alone polish it so smoothly, with ordinary tools such as copper and iron.

So how the Mayans made this crystal head it is still a mystery, and even some superstitious people claim that there are a total of 13 crystal heads scattered around the earth, they are the Mayan holy relics, once they are gathered together, they can summon the dragon, no, it is possible to know the secrets of the past and future of mankind.

Frescoes from thousands of years ago

This crystal head is certainly incredible, but what is even more astonishing is a mural in the Mayan ruins.

For a long time after the fresco was restored, the content of the fresco was difficult to understand, but at the time of the U.S.-Soviet struggle, the content of the fresco was understood because the subject shown in the fresco was a man in a spacesuit.

The man rode on top of a device with a pointed tail shaped like a rocket, and the Soviet cosmonauts to explore the moon in a rocket scene is very similar.

This not only makes people imagine that the Mayans had successfully landed on the moon at that time?

You know, in the long history, people's knowledge of space is extremely limited, even the earth is round is not clear, thousands of years of Mayan people and how can create a mural containing astronauts?

So some people believe that the Mayan civilization was not an Earth civilization, but came from an alien planet, only that for various reasons, after they came to Earth, they could no longer break away from gravity.

Each story will have many unanswered questions,In order to return to their homeland, they spared no effort to create spacecraft with the intention of returning to their homeland, which left the mural of astronauts in the sky.

Then the Mayan civilization suddenly disappeared for some reason, and these people who thought that the Mayans were aliens then believed that they created the spacecraft and managed to break away from the Earth and return to their homeland.

When you think about it, the frescoes are really frightening behind the scenes. If the Mayans are really celestial visitors, then it means that there are civilizations in the universe that are too advanced than humans, which will be a huge threat to humans.

Of course, these are speculations, why the Mayan civilization will disappear, and why they can leave all kinds of incredible, people are still trying to explore, I believe that in the near future, the secret of the Mayans will be able to be solved, and all we have to do now is to wait and see.

So, do you think the Mayans were extraterrestrial visitors?

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