Such a beautiful Chinese painting - "Porcelain Plate Painting", what does it look like?

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As the bright pearl in the starry sky of human civilization, the intangible cultural heritage in Chinese painting is not only a precious skill of social civilization, but also a spiritual home that nourishes the spiritual world of human beings and is worth cherishing.

In recent years, the memory of the times has actively carried out the excavation, sorting, protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, and has established an effective intangible cultural heritage inheritance mechanism with intangible cultural heritage projects and inheritors as the core.  

These colorful and precious intangible cultural heritages contain people's rich imagination and unique creativity. They are our wealth and witnesses to the urban context and history.  

The Memory of the Times has launched the "Into the Intangible Cultural Heritage" series, successively leading everyone to understand the intangible cultural heritage and share this precious cultural wealth.

Porcelain plate painting refers to a kind of flat ceramic Chinese painting made by hand painting and glazing with special chemical pigments on a plain porcelain plate, and then firing at high temperature.


Porcelain plate paintings can be mounted or embedded in screens for viewing purposes.  Porcelain plate painting can be traced back to the Qin and Han dynasties, while the real "porcelain plate painting" appeared in the middle of the Ming Dynasty.

Since the mid-Qing Dynasty, the development of porcelain plate painting has become prosperous.  Compared with paper and silk paintings, porcelain plate paintings have stable physical and chemical properties, and are not afraid of moisture and mildew, and their colors will remain bright for decades.

Porcelain plate painting has a long history and can be traced back to the Qin and Han dynasties. In the mid-Ming Dynasty, porcelain plate painting in the true sense appeared. In the mid-Qing Dynasty, with the rapid development of porcelain art in the Qing 

Dynasty, the porcelain painting artists at that time were devoted to making paper silk.  The Chinese paintings on the plate were transplanted to the porcelain, so the porcelain plate painting was favored by people and became an important commodity porcelain.

There are many varieties, including blue and white, blue and white underglaze red, multicolored, plain three-color, bucket color, pastel, ink color, light purple color and so on.  The content of painting and decoration is also very extensive, including figures, landscapes, flowers, insects and birds, feathers, fish and algae, auspicious patterns, etc., almost all-encompassing.

Jingdezhen porcelain plate painting began in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.  Folks used to inlay it on screens, cabinet doors, bed frames, etc. for decoration.  Some folk artists in the middle of the Qing Dynasty copied and created by using the light purple color painting method in Chinese painting, creating a precedent for porcelain plate painting.

Porcelain products in the form of plate surfaces are the result of the continuous perfection of the ceramic production process. The appearance of porcelain plates has provided material conditions for porcelain plate painting. From the perspective of relevant materials, it has a flat and smooth shape of the porcelain plate, and has the art form of painting.  

The porcelain plate paintings of the Ming Dynasty began to appear in the middle of the Ming Dynasty.  Porcelain plate painting is both porcelain and painting. It is a new category of ceramics formed by ceramic art getting rid of pure craft decoration and integrating into literati painting.  Porcelain plate painting in Chinese painting is one of the most sought after painting styles in contemporary art ceramics.

From ancient times to the present, the reason why the porcelain plate painting has been continuous is that the older the wine, the more fragrant it is. There are six main reasons:



the porcelain plate painting has the beauty of smooth and clean porcelain plate, which is convenient for potters to use porcelain as paper, swipe at will, give full play to the artist's painting genius, and fully display the aesthetic conception of porcelain painting.


the porcelain plate painting is convenient to express the charm and meaning of Chinese painting, and conforms to the traditional Chinese aesthetic habits and aesthetic taste.  The composition, line, color and artistic conception of landscape porcelain plate painting absorb the painting style of traditional Chinese painting, and are branded with the imprint of modern landscape painting.



porcelain plate painting is one of the important carriers for ceramic artists to absorb the essence of traditional Chinese painting and express the oriental aesthetic ideal, and this expression can stand the test of time, because compared with paper and silk painting, porcelain plate painting, its material  Physical and chemical properties are stable, not afraid of moisture, not afraid of mildew, and will not be damaged as long as it is not impacted.  In addition, the color of the porcelain plate painting, whether it is underglaze blue and white, underglaze red, high temperature color glaze, or overglaze pastel, ancient color, ink color, is always bright and will not change color due to sunlight and water immersion, which is convenient for collection.



there are various styles of porcelain plate paintings. In addition to the common rectangles and squares, there are also circles, ovals, fan-shaped, chicken heart-shaped, leaf-shaped, etc., which are convenient for home decoration.  It can be used as inlay decoration of furniture, or made into interstitial screen or enclosure screen, etc.


porcelain plate painting caters to the aesthetic needs of modern people. The diversity and inclusiveness of contemporary porcelain plate painting styles can not only meet people's needs for advocating classical beauty, but also suit people's pursuit of modern fashion.


the porcelain plate painting is an important style of modern environmental design. According to the decoration needs of the building, the area can be large or small.  In today's society, modern porcelain plate painting has become one of the preferred works of art for home environment layout.

Porcelain plate painting not only inherits the essence of traditional Chinese painting, but also integrates the advantages of Chinese ceramic art. It is a perfect combination of painting art and ceramic art. It is the crystallization of the infinite wisdom of the Chinese nation status.

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