What do the ancient beauties in Chinese painting look like?

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There is such a group of traditional Chinese paintings that truly record the life of Chinese women thousands of years ago. It allows us not only to appreciate Chinese paintings, but also to understand the characters in Chinese paintings. It makes you feel as if you walked into these traditional Chinese paintings.  A greeting from ancient beauties!
From the Warring States Period to the Republic of China, in the two thousand years of Chinese painting,  What do Chinese women look like?    Double eyelids, puckered lips, slapped face, right-angled shoulders-there are none.    

No matter fat or thin, they are all: thin eyebrows, small cherry mouth, face like a silver plate, and slippery shoulders.    You may think they are not good-looking, some are even ugly. 

Friends, do you like the beauty in ancient paintings?

From today's perspective, it's worth seeing.  After a century of west winds, Western aesthetic consciousness has merged into China, which has changed the soft female image since the Ming and Qing dynasties.  

But on the other hand, just looking back with new eyes, there are obstacles to understanding the past.  The beauty of China in the millennium, the skin is not the point.  

The changes in the image of Chinese women reflect the rise and fall of Chinese culture.   They are our ancestors, our way of coming,  It is also our mirror.  It's worth watching for a long time.

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