The beauty of Chinese calligraphy is married to the magic stone, and then...

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Before we start, let me introduce you to a real event.


In September 1924, the second Zhifeng war broke out.  In October, Feng Yuxiang put the president Cao Kun under house arrest and defeated Wu Peifu.  

On November 5th, Feng Yuxiang sent Lu Zhonglin with troops to invade the Forbidden City, known as the "Beijing Coup" in history, and the "last emperor" Pu Yi was forced to flee the palace.  

The following year, the Beijing Bell and Drum stopped reporting the time.

In 1924, Feng Yuxiang launched the "Beijing Coup"

Twenty-six years later, it was July 1950, during the special period of the Chinese People's Volunteers' resistance to US aggression and aid to Korea. 

People from all walks of life donated money to buy airplanes and cannons, and the people donated food and clothing.  

And the last emperor Puyi, after several considerations, finally gave a treasure to the country.

It was a treasure that accompanied him to flee in a hurry, after several inspections, but was kept personally by him--"Tianhuang Sanlianxi”.

This treasure, Pu Yi sewed it in a cotton coat for 26 years when he escaped from the palace.  Today, it has become "National Treasure among National Treasures"!

This Tianhuang triptych is the personal seal of Emperor Qianlong. It is the queen of Taishang who created the Tianhuang triptych for himself with the utmost extravagance.

The design of ancient Chinese calligraphy with Chinese characters on this small stone fully demonstrates the natural beauty of Chinese calligraphy.

What kind of charm and value does Tian Huangshi have? 

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Since it was first discovered in the fields of Shoushan County, Fujian Province, the ore is dark yellow, brown yellow or even dark red, so it was named "Tianhuang".  

Tian Huangshi represents good luck, wealth, and the emperor's imperial use.  It possesses the six virtues of fine, clean, moist, greasy, warm, 

and condensed seal stone, so it is called "Emperor Stone", and it has become the "Crown of Seal Stone" in the scholar's study room.

Tianhuang is generally small, and the triptych must be made of large pieces.  

Therefore, Qianlong personally made an order to mobilize skilled craftsmen from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to make ingenious designs in a large piece of Tianhuang. 

After more than a dozen processes such as drawing, pinching, taking chains, and live loops, they were made into chains.  Interlocking and complete triple chapters.

All the stone rings on the Sanlian Seal are closed, without any traces of cracks and adhesion, which shows the high craftsmanship.

The Chinese characters on the seal have profound meaning, strong and powerful, and on this small face, they are full of beauty.

The chapter is made of materials, and the Emperor Qianlong found the contents of the seal from the Confucian classics: "Only the essence is the only one, allow to hold the middle" and "Happy day knows fate, 

so there is no worry", and then left his own mark to achieve the left chapter.  "Qianlong Chenhan", the middle oval chapter "Lotte", and the right rectangular chapter "only fine and unique".

"Only essence is the only one" from "Shangshu·Dayu Mo": "The human heart is only in danger, the Taoist heart is only weak, but the essence is unique, and it is allowed to hold the middle."  

Faithfulness among them.  Qianlong used this to express his idea of ​​governing the country.  It is said that the emperor must always be vigilant, there will be crises in the society under his rule at any time, and he must be the commander-in-chief of the country.

The meaning of "Happy Tian" is taken from "Zhou Yi·Ci": "Happy Tian knows fate, so there is no worry." Happy Tian knows the laws of the universe and fits with nature; knowing fate means knowing the truth of life, the true meaning of life, and even the value of life.

"Qianlong Chenhan" means Emperor Qianlong Hanmo.   There are rumors that Emperor Qianlong loved the Tianhuang Sanlianxi very much, and he would put it next to his pillow when he slept.  

After Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xianfeng, Tongzhi, Guangxu, Xuantong, and of course, the Empress Dowager Cixi, all cherished the Tianhuang Triptych in an orderly manner and were a national treasure.

In 1924, Pu Yi hurriedly "escaped" the Forbidden City, with a huge "family business", and finally only took away a few precious calligraphy and paintings, as well as this "Qianlong Emperor Tianhuang Sanlianxi".      

In July 1950, after Puyi returned to China, he presented the Qianlong Emperor Tianhuang Sanlianxi. The world's talents finally saw the true face of this rare treasure.  


The People's Post of China also issued stamps for the three-chain chapter in 1997, confirming its status as "national treasure among national treasures".

With the title of "Treasure of the Town Hall-Tianhuang Sanlian Seal", CCTV introduced the legendary story of this Tianhuang triptych, which shocked countless audiences.

Today, through the bright display windows of the Palace Museum, people can clearly see this rare national treasure and see its ingenious craftsmanship.  

After more than 200 years of ups and downs, it is still extremely exquisite and breathtaking.

Tian Huangshi is the body, and Chinese calligraphy is the soul! Just like this, by chance, it became a rare treasure!

Learn to write Chinese characters, and learn to draw Chinese paintings. Welcome to Linlan Calligraphy and Painting Education!


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