The disappearance of the "Analects" bamboo slips calligraphy 1800 years ago, mysteriously and unexpectedly appeared before the eyes of the world

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Hello everyone, today we bring you a major discovery that shocked the world.

First of all, I have to tell you a short story.  In a warm and happy family, a lovely baby was born. Just when the whole family was very happy, there was a sad news that made everyone grieve, the baby disappeared, one or two years  , 10, 20 years, finally found the child by chance, the family vowed to be together forever until the end of life!

The important findings that I shared with you today are the same. Let us witness this exciting moment together.

Amazingly unearthed!  Jiangxi is excited! The discovery of the tomb of Haihunhou of the Han Dynasty in Nanchang, Let the world focus on Jiangxi again.

Until now, the research work on the tomb of Haihunhou in the Han Dynasty is still going on.

Exquisite jade

In the eyes of experts and scholars,These bamboo slips have high hopes,It is even considered to be one of the most important cultural relics unearthed from the tomb of Haihunhou,Among them is the "Knowledge" chapter of "The Analects" lost in 1800!

The Analects of Confucius Lost in the Tomb of Haihunhou

Significant progress

A few days ago, new news came from the archaeological excavation of the tomb of Haihunhou of the Han Dynasty in Nanchang. The 1800-year-old bamboo slips of "The Analects of Qi" have been scanned to prepare for the interpretation of the text.

According to Xia Huaqing, a staff member of the Haiyunhou Tomb Cultural Relics Protection Workstation in Nanchang, after the scan, the second step is cleaning. After the text is exposed, the second scan is performed immediately. 

 A comparison of the two scans makes the text clear.  "A missing piece of "The Analects" has appeared in the bamboo slips, and the official script calligraphy is particularly impressive."

If you read it out completely, it will be a major discovery. The "Analects" that you see today is a version formed by Zhang Hou later using "Lu Lun" and "Gu Lun", but "Qi Lun" was lost in the Han and Wei Dynasties.  .

The biggest difference between "Qi Lun" and "Lu Lun" and "Gu Lun" is that there are two more articles, one is called "Knowing Pian" and the other is called "Wang Wang Pian".  The "Knowing Chapter" lost in 1800 was found in the tomb of Haihunhou.

Experts believe that if this is the "Qi Lun" that was lost in 1800, it would be a very important discovery in the entire Chinese academic circle, possibly in the world academia, and the national calligraphy circle.

It was lost in 1800,May reappear before the eyes of the world in Jiangxi.

Among the many bamboo slips unearthed in the main tomb, two pictures of bamboo slips have been published. These two bamboo slips are the front and back of the same slip.  On the reverse side of the bamboo slips is written "Wise Tao", and on the front is written:

Generally speaking, the characters on the bamboo slips are written on one side, and the front and back sides of the bamboo slips are written on both sides, which should be regarded as the introductory slips of a volume of bamboo slips.  

"Wise Way" means "knowing", and should be the title of this bamboo book.  In the Han dynasty, "knowledge" and "wisdom" were interoperable. The bamboo slips unearthed from the tomb of Haihunhou had previously written the phrase "knower happy water" in "The Analects" as "wise man happy water".


It can be seen from this that the "Wise Way" written on this bamboo slip is the title of "Knowledge" in the 22nd "Qi Analects" contained in "Hanshu·Yiwenzhi".  Experts concluded, "It is basically certain that the bamboo book "The Analects" unearthed from the tomb of Haihunhou is indeed the "Qi Analects" that was lost in 1800."

Regardless of whether "The Analects" is pressed, the surprise is that there is "Historical Records" in the tomb of Haiyunhou.  The "Historical Records" in the Han Dynasty was devalued as a "slander".  "Historical Records" was written in 90 BC, and Liu He died in 59 BC, 

at most 31 years apart!  What concept? It's probably the first edition of "Historical Records"!  "Historical Records" has been modified beyond recognition by later generations. If the first edition can be successfully interpreted, how much history will be subverted!

The original version of "Historical Records" is not a big deal, there is a Book of Changes in my tomb!  And the calligraphy level is so good, the current Yijing is only Zhouyi, if there are Lianshan and Guizang, it will be invincible, this is a real long-lived sight!

At present, many classics such as "The Analects of Confucius", "Book of Changes", "Book of Rites", "Medical Books", "Five Colors Shisheng", and "Mourning Death Fu" have been interpreted and read.  At present, the correlation has entered the stage of text interpretation and research.  More mysteries are being revealed...

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