When you feel lonely in COVID-19 home isolation, learn Chinese calligraphy to prepare for the future you.

However, in such a city like a fairy mirror, there is a beautiful girl who has fallen in love with Chinese calligraphy and calligraphy with a long history since she was a child and under the guidance of her parents.  Ways to practice writing and drawing, so that her grades improved rapidly, and she became a young Chinese calligrapher and painter. She is teacher Lin Lan.

 Note: The works in the blog post belong to Linlan Painting and Calligraphy Education.

Calligraphy is a kind of culture. It relies on a profound cultural heritage to attract people's attention and touch people's hearts. Any artificial hype will backfire.   

Calligraphy, if you come to work hard without the heart, you are just busy with exhibitions, busy with publications, busy with entertainment, and the quality is consistent for several years, I wanted to become famous as soon as possible, but the result would be self-defeating.  

Any artist, including calligraphers of course, must be able to sit on a cold bench, and do whatever it takes for ten or twenty years.  



If it is driven by interests, instead of working hard on the post, but thinking about the propaganda; not working on the theory but thinking about the relationship.  

To make calligraphy move people's hearts and make viewers think in resonance, the author must first meet two conditions: one is the skill within the character, and the other is the skill outside the character.

 Kungfu within a word is kungfu in pen and ink.  Refers to the skill, ability, and accomplishments of driving.  The first is the use of the pen, such as lifting, pressing, turning, circumfluence and frustration, reversal in the middle, and hiding the dew in the center, so as to control nature and do whatever one wants, a degree of "inevitability".  

The second is "de-chemical and new". On the basis of meticulously copying the ancient scriptures, after obtaining the form, the "taste" of one's own personality is continuously melted into. This process requires diligence and comprehension.  "Boil" out your own taste.


Word good, in the law in the hand; sorrow, in the mood. Calligraphy to be "taste", must have a health care, with font firmware. ". Understand and master the above points, experienced, Germany, Expo Group, Chen Rui five cars, the long hair, you can make your calligraphy" boast ".
 Wang Xizhi practiced calligraphy at the age of 7 and was diligent and studious.  When he was 17 years old, he stole the old calligraphy works secreted by his father to read, and practiced writing when he was familiar with it. 
He sat by the pool every day to practice calligraphy, sent away the dusk and ushered in the dawn. He finished a lot of ink and wrote badly.  I used a lot of pens, and I washed my pens in the pool of water every day after I practiced the writing. It took a long time to wash a pool of water into ink. This is the legendary ink pond that people see in Shaoxing today.
The most important thing to practice calligraphy is to persevere. In addition, you must be interested. If you are not interested, it will be difficult to persevere.  In the beginning, it must be Xiantie, that is, to lay the foundation, and treat it as the key to entering the room.  
The more the number of encounters and the wider the scope of the encounter, the stronger the foundation.  Copying needs to be eye-to-hand, eye-to-eye and handy, and what you see in your eye can be expressed and displayed at the tip of the pen. 

Although calligraphy emphasizes savvy and talent, these innate things are actually not much different from the individual, but in the end they are more patience and time investment.  
Patience means to be prepared for long-term obscurity, to deeply understand the spirit of calligraphy, to have a sense of calligraphy, or to "call".  This requires a lot of time investment, to constantly understand.  Although writing is simple, it is not easy to write Chinese characters well. Let us work hard together!
Learn to write Chinese characters, learn to draw Chinese painting, Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education welcomes you!


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