Lin Lan’s calligraphy and painting let you admire, semi-finished products that exist in the world during the practice of ancient masters

If you are given a pair of wings, where do you want to go most? 

If you were to go back in time, which era would you most like to return to? 

If you are given a chance to study again, Linlan Painting and Calligraphy Education will be your best choice!

Chinese New Year is coming soon. First of all, Teacher Lin Lan wishes: Dear students at home and abroad, Happy New Year! God bless you, Amen!


Hello everyone, I am a teacher of Lin Lan, and welcome to return to Lin Lan’s calligraphy and painting education website. Okay, today I will lead you to open your eyes and dream back to ancient China. Let’s go!



This very strange painting that you see is called a five-color bird. From the scenes of ancient people practicing painting and writing, we can see that human beings yearn for being able to fly freely in the sky like a five-color bird.  Maybe the celebrity who painted this practice painting, if he can travel to the modern age, will be amazed that his dream can come true.



This is a remnant of Dunhuang paper from the Tang Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty highly praised the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi and Wang Xian’s father and son. Many people learned the "Landing Preface". This remnant paper is probably someone who wants to copy the preface of Lanting.


 This is practicing calligraphy. It seems that the method is the same as our current method, repeating and repeating.  However, as Teacher Lin Lan said, you must use the correct method to practice in order to achieve your goal; otherwise, it will destroy your own future!


 "When the ancients are happy, write a preface to the Orchid Pavilion." Before the first line was finished, I couldn't write it anymore-the ugly one couldn't even enter it.


Dunhuang Quzi, this is at best the level of copying characters. 

Tang Dynasty Songs and Lyrics

I don't know what is written, and the constitution is also very strange.  Feel like a textile tutorial? 

This is also a copy of "Lanting Preface", although I wrote it ugly, but I have a heart for beauty. 

There is no one at this level of seal writing. There are a lot of faults in both the structure and the brushwork, and it is at the level of a junior learner today. 
For calligraphy, copying is the only way to learn from the ancients, master techniques, and grasp the laws.  All the famous artists such as Wu Changshuo, Lin Sanzhi, Sha Menghai, Deng Sanmu, etc. have been able to stay in the pool for a lifetime.  There are differences in talents, but without diligence, no matter how talented people are, it is difficult to become a talent.  
In fact, apart from calligraphy in ancient times, paintings are also ugly, but what everyone sees now is left behind by aesthetics.  For example, in a batch of paintings unearthed in Dunhuang, the author carefully outlines a head:

how about it?  Although the ancients grew up lying in the pole of a brush, they were very ugly at the beginning of the study and calligraphy.  After reading it, did you find confidence in an instant?  
In fact, regardless of the ancients or moderns, most of them were ordinary people on the road to learning calligraphy, and not everyone in the ancients was a master of calligraphy.  Although we and the ancients are separated by thousands of years, we are on the same starting line when we hold the brush. 
Perhaps some calligraphers have a bit more talent than ordinary people, but it is difficult to form a climate without diligent practice.  In this world, there is no such thing as a skill that can be achieved overnight. To learn calligraphy, you should also pick up the pen in a down-to-earth manner and persevere with each stroke. This is the last word.
How to get started?  How should I practice?  If the method is not right, even if you practice for a year, you will not succeed! Therefore, Lin Lan Calligraphy and Painting Education will be your mentor and helpful friend.

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