Men and women, who writes better?

Writing, looking good is the most basic requirement. For example, the same word, some people write with great momentum, and some people write with style.

This is the same as appreciating calligraphy. Not everyone can write good calligraphy, but those who have a little interest in calligraphy are still very appreciative of good calligraphy. Just like people who write calligraphy like to watch other people write, even watching children write, looking at the words on the paper, it is a kind of enjoyment. Writing is the origin of calligraphy. Only by writing calligraphy can people capture the direction of the brush, feel the beauty of the power of the brush, the beauty of the strokes, and the beauty of the artistic conception. This is appreciation.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, if you write a lot, even someone who can't write can write well. However, there are some people who, although they don't know anything about calligraphy, can feel the beauty of calligraphy from the heterogeneity of calligraphy, heaven, earth and human beings. For example, a man, the first thing he sees is a very beautiful woman, and he will naturally have a good impression of her. Many men have a dream, that is, to meet a beautiful and simple woman, she is like a blank sheet of paper, waiting for you to paint a moving picture.

Today we have to figure out one thing, is it a good-looking man's handwriting? Or are women's handwriting beautiful? In fact, these are two questions, but many people think that the answers to these two questions are the same. Women and men form a word for "person". If a woman is a stroke, then a man is vertical and vertical.


Analysis: Does the man's handwriting look good?

A man is a kind of bearing, a feeling of winning. Just like people who write calligraphy like to watch other people write, even watching children write, looking at the words on the paper, it is a kind of enjoyment.

When a man writes, he holds the pen powerfully, but he has an extraordinary air of contempt for the world. At a glance, it will give birth to a kind of manliness that only he is truly masculine.

When a man writes, his strokes are strong, giving people a broad, dignified, fortified, and vigorous feeling, giving people a distinctive feeling, but also with a solemn feeling, which is probably what we are talking about. Be upright.

When a man writes, he is quite confident. The words he writes are not only for himself, but also for others, especially the people around him. To get their affirmation, this is also a kind of motivation for him.

When a man writes, he has an inexplicable sense of accomplishment, which is also an atmospheric and aspirational feeling he has had from the very beginning. For a man, no matter how ordinary or great he is, when he sees the words he wrote with his heart, he will be proud of his happiness.


Analysis: Is a woman's handwriting beautiful?

1. A woman who can write well

Women who can write well, their temperament, personality, and personality are more contagious. They are able to compete with boys, compete with boys, compete with boys, and compete with boys. A woman who is "at the right time and place". They are more able to attract boys' attention with "feminine elegance". Girls with "feminine elegance" are often able to resist foreign enemies with their weak bodies; they are more friendly in life and are good at communicating with the opposite sex. With "feminine elegance", they have an innate temperament: elegant and dignified; have a natural and healthy personality; have affinity and strong self-control. They do not have the strong and domineering feeling of men, but also have the unique charm and charm of elegant, generous and beautiful women, and they can express beauty in words. They also have strong character traits - warm and friendly, sunny and positive, smart and flexible, stable and dignified.

2. A woman who can write

The ancients said: "If you don't learn poetry, you have nothing to say." Calligraphy is an important artistic tradition. There is an old saying in our country: "If a worker wants to do a good job well, he must first sharpen his tools". In terms of calligraphy, a woman who can create high-level calligraphy works cannot simply rely on words to express her emotions and inner world. As an art, for Chinese women, calligraphy is not only a way of life, but also an artistic pursuit.

3. A woman with a beautiful handwriting

Such a woman is not only confident at work, but also confident in life. Such women are confident in themselves because they know where their strengths lie. If they want to change their old habits, they have to spend more time and energy on themselves. Because such women know how to dress themselves very well, they are naturally favored by friends of the opposite sex. Their popularity is very good, and they are very successful in their careers.

If a woman has good handwriting, it will often attract the attention of many men. Although it is a font that men like, it is also a part of Chinese culture, so the characters written are naturally masculine. These women are self-sufficient and do not need to work to have a good life and career. The fonts written at the same time are naturally pleasing to the eye, so they are very popular with men. And if a woman can write well at a young age, she will become a woman who is both civil and military, able to sing and dance when she grows up, and her career will be smooth sailing.


Summary man and woman writing

The art of calligraphy has existed since ancient times. It is not like canvas painting, nor oil painting,Since Zhao Mengfu in the Ming Dynasty created "a type of calligraphy" and "use the heart to move the brush" and other ideas, it has had a huge 

impact on the calligraphy of later generations. Although the times have changed, its aesthetic concept has not changed. Today, let's analyze it from the perspective of art. Why do men's handwriting look better than women's?

1. Structurally, writing is mainly based on the movement of Qi, and movement of Qi refers to the way of writing. In traditional concepts, women's fingers are more flexible and dexterous than men's.

Of course, in today's aesthetic concept, women's hands are more dexterous than men's. Xingqi refers to the way of writing. In the art of calligraphy, Xingqi is usually the main method. Because writing is just a process, it needs to be done with the help of tools, such as brushes and rice paper. When writing, pay attention to controlling the degree and width of the connection between the strokes.

2. The lines in writing are more fluent and uniform.

As we all know, calligraphy is an expressive art. Especially for women, they are better at using lines for various artistic modeling. Men generally lack this sense of feeling and prefer to use lines to express what they want to express. So the written word is more beautiful.

3. In terms of brushwork, women are inherently good at drawing lines, while men are good at centering strokes.

Women are naturally more sensitive to lines, and the texture of lines is unmatched by men. Women's calligraphy pursues "pen is the most important, and strokes are the most important". Every line needs to be typed with a pen, so as not to write superfluous 

parts, not to write empty stagnation in the strokes, not to show traces, and not to go too far. . A woman can use a center striker, a flanker heavy striker, and a flanker light striker. Women can use a heavy front and a light front, but women's writing, especially the 

center line, can be said to be "the sword is put into the warehouse, and the horse is released to Nanshan". It can be said that it is a trinity of "no writing, no pen, and knife"! This will make the characters appear more flexible and elegant, and the writing style will be more concise, vigorous, and harmonious, with a feeling of "a pot of tea between heaven and earth"!

4. Emotionally, boys have delicate thoughts, delicate feelings, and have requirements for themselves;

Girls are delicate and have demands on themselves. If a girl really loves you, she will write well and demand more from you. In addition, female men have a more straightforward personality, and can write well if they like to write; female men are more delicate, emotional, and have more demands on themselves. 

For example, female men who like to practice calligraphy can write in lowercase or regular script; women who like to practice official script can practice calligraphy and regular script, etc. If both men and women want to write well, then there is no need to let female men practice calligraphy!

5. In terms of writing style, women's writing tends to be more dignified and steady rather than delicate.

Books are paintings for the heart, and for women who write books, books are paintings for the heart. Books are painted for the heart. Nushu is mostly quiet, and Nushu is divided into quietness and quality. Quietness is a kind of inner self-cultivation and 

character trait. The temperament is not very outstanding, but it is very gentle and sincere. Her character is dignified and steady, quiet and elegant. In the eyes of ancient female writers, they would not have the kind of tenderness and gentleness and demure women. Although women can sometimes write very good works. But overall it is still relatively small.

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