Chinese Painting Dunhuang Flying Folding Fan Cultural and Creative Fan Chinese Wind Classical Gift Silk Fan Ancient Handicraft



⬇Product number:  CN-LINLAN-00006

⬇Product number:  CN-LINLAN-00007

⬇Product number:  CN-LINLAN-00008

⬇Product number:  CN-LINLAN-00009






Fan material: cloth fabric, silky feel; bamboo wood 

Size: see above icon note     

One price: USD 98.00         

Postage: Free shipping         


paypal account(          



1. Payment to our paypal account       

2. Screenshot the picture of the successful completion of the paypal payment       

3. Send an email to  content of email:Screenshot/product number/color/size/consignee name/consignee address/consignee phone or email       

product number At the beginning of the article     

4. After we confirm receipt of the payment and confirm that your name and address are correct, the goods will be shipped immediately. The entire mailing time is different due to the distance, usually 15-28 days. If there are important holidays, it may be extended by about 7 days.      

Note: This product is only a folding fan, does not include the base frame, and should not be exposed to water, otherwise it will be easy to degummed.     

Notice: Because each time a handicraft is made, there will be a slight deviation in size and color. 

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