When the beauty of calligraphy and the beauty of China met, a miracle happened in nature!

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There are 34 wonderlands in 34 provinces and regions in China, and most of these fascinating places are inlaid with a dazzling ruby-"Chinese calligraphy", and it is precisely because it allows the beauty and culture to deeply merge into one.  A miracle of nature!  

Okay, although the epidemic is severe, I think it still can't stop your desire to appreciate the miracle of beauty. 

It doesn't matter, people can't come for the time being. Please follow Lin Lan teacher of Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education to walk into today's miracle of beauty, and these  How many places have you been to?  

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In some places, you can only experience it personally  To know how beautiful it is   Beautiful scenery is always more artistic than Meitu.

You have seen the scenery before you know,The aura of nature in the water,Domineering in the mountains   Wild spirit in the forest.

Only experience the scenery in person,You understand,Heaven is on earth,Wonderland in China.


The most beautiful is not the Great Wall, but the Hutong

The most famous in Beijing is the Great Wall   The most beautiful are all hutong.

The alley with gray walls and Diva

Each has its own story

It's like an encyclopedia in Beijing

Recording the evolution of history and humanistic customs

The front door of the room has the beauty of calligraphy.


The most beautiful is not Tianjin Eye, but Panshan

The most beautiful thing in Tianjin is there Panshan, known as "Jingdong No. 1 Mountain".

Qianlong once said:   If I knew there was Panshan, why bother to go to Jiangnan?   This shows how beautiful Panshan is!

Sanpan Muyu, strange pine and strange rocks, beautiful rivers and mountains,Never get tired,

Watch the sunrise on the east side by day, and watch the lights of thousands of houses at night

The beautiful scenery and Chinese calligraphy in the scenic area are integrated, and the beauty is extremely beautiful..


The most beautiful is not the Bund, but the alley

Lane is a unique residence in Shanghai,Allusions of famous people in Shanghai.

Alley,It is an exclusive memory of Shanghai.

It can be said that there would be no Shanghai without alleys,It best represents the cultural characteristics of Shanghai.

I didn't go to the alley when I arrived in Shanghai,Then you can't count as seeing Shanghai.

Here again, it proves the beauty of simplicity of Chinese calligraphy.





The most beautiful is not Hongya Cave, but Shancheng Lane

Shancheng Lane is Chongqing's historical culture,And the epitome of landscape,Known as the "Bazaar in the Sky".

Uphill stairs,Large and small buildings,Labyrinth of streets.

Diaojiaolou on the edge of the cliff,combine together,Is the most beautiful scene in Chongqing.

The beauty of Chinese calligraphy is also embedded in the scattered buildings.


The most beautiful is not Chengde, but Beidaihe

Beidaihe is a post station for migratory birds,It is "one of the world's top four bird watching places".

In spring and autumn Red-crowned cranes and white storks are in groups,

Flying through the sky, it’s spectacular,After the founding of New China, it became.

Retreat for people from all walks of life,It is the beginning and epitome of China's modern tourism industry.


The most beautiful is not the ancient city of Pingyao, but the Hukou Waterfall

Hukou Falls across Shanxi and Shaanxi,Is the largest yellow waterfall in the world.

Can be seen here,The heroic spirit of "a pot of yellow river for thousands of miles".

The unique topography creates 8 wonders of Hukou   Smoke from the bottom of the water, boats on dry land, neon playing in the water,

The mountains fly and the sea rises, the clear sky is raining, the dry weather is thundering,   Bingfeng upside down, ten miles of dragon trough   Don't miss any of them!





The most beautiful is not the Yalu River, but Benxi

Benxi Water Cave in Liaoning,Is the longest karst cave in the world.

There is a hole in the hole here,Stalactites and stalagmites are picturesque,Rafting excursion, unique charm.


The most beautiful is not Changbai Mountain, but Rime Island

Rime Island on the Songhua River,Is the most concentrated place of rime in Jilin.

In winter, the pines and cypresses on the Shili River Embankment

Like silver chrysanthemums in full bloom overnight   Crystal clear and beautiful.

The beauty of Chinese calligraphy and the charm of white heaven.


The most beautiful is not Central Street, but Mohe

Mohe is China's "City That Never Sleeps",Extreme daylight phenomenon occurs around the summer solstice.

At this time the sun and the moon exist at the same time,It's so rare.

Even have a chance to see,Rare aurora.


The most beautiful is not Nanjing, but Zhouzhuang

It’s said that there is heaven at the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou at the bottom.   Zhouzhuang in the middle.

Zhouzhuang is "the world's first water town" ,Small bridge and flowing water,

Here even the wind becomes intoxicating,

Even the sun has become scattered,Stone path, rolling alley.


The most beautiful is not West Lake, but Xikou

Xikou is the hometown of Jiang family,It is the first cultural town in the Republic of China.

At Sanyintan in Xikou,You can take a small train to view Qianzhang Waterfall.

Wisteria flower sea, bright red rhododendron   Rainbow in the sky,Experience a leisurely and contented state of mind.

The historical relics are based on the beauty of Chinese calligraphy.


The most beautiful is not Huangshan, but Xidi

Xidi has always been called,"People in the Peach Blossom Spring",

"China is most worthy of foreigners   One of 50 places to go".

In this piece has,On the ancient village with a history of more than 950 years.

Has a strong cultural atmosphere And unique ancient architecture.


The most beautiful is not Xiamen, but Xiapu

Xiapu is the world's number one tidal flat,

Fishing rod bamboo island solitary sail full of sea,In the shadow of the sky and clouds.

Has dreamlike beauty,A quick shot is a stunning beauty.


The most beautiful is not Lushan, but Huangling

Huangling——An ancient village with a history of more than 600 years.

Because the ground is not three feet flat   The villagers conform to the terrain,

Put up a drying rack on the roof of your house Drying crops.

This unique folk custom of "sun autumn"   Became the "most beautiful Chinese symbol".


The most beautiful is not Qingdao, but Mount Tai

Mount Tai is the head of the Five Sacred Mountains.

From Qin to Qing,   There have been 13 emperors successively.

Climbing Mount Tai for enshrinement or sacrifice,  There are 24 emperors   Send officials to sacrifice 72 times.

Worthy of being in the eyes of the ancients,The sacred mountain of "straight through the imperial seat".

The mountain of Yunshan is based on the beauty of Chinese calligraphy.


The most beautiful is not Luoyang, but Taihang Mountain

Taihang Mountain has the title of "The Ridge of the World" ,Here is the true and magical Mount Sendai.

Peach Blossom Valley where peach blossoms are blooming,An iceberg frozen in hot summer water.

An iceberg frozen in hot summer water.

In the Taihang Mountains, step by step is a scene, fascinating.


The most beautiful is not Wuhan, but Enshi

Enshi was used by CNNP.

Hidden here is "Oriental Noah's Ark".

"Glass Sea" "Covered Bridge Last Dream",Make people linger.


The most beautiful is not the ancient city of Phoenix, but Furong Town

Furong Town——Thousand-year old town hanging on a waterfall.

Its unique folk customs.

The quaint style attracted ,A large number of tourists came to visit.


The most beautiful is not Danxia Mountain, but Ruyuan Grand Canyon

Here is known as   "The Most Beautiful Canyon in South China".

"The most beautiful place in Guangdong".

But not many people know.


The most beautiful is not Sanya, but Wanning

Wanning is known as the hometown of betel nuts,   Hometown of Overseas Chinese,

Hainan Food Paradise,   China's surfing capital and other reputations.

Is internationally recognized.

"The Hometown of Longevity in the World".


The most beautiful is not Jiuzhaigou, but Yading, Daocheng

Daocheng Aden is known as   "The Soul of China's Shangri-La".

"The last piece of pure land on the aqua blue planet"

The best scenery in Western Sichuan   All gathered here.


The most beautiful is not Huangguoshu, but Libo

It is more fairytale than Zhangjiajie  Pure and greener than the water in Jiuzhaigou.

Every inch of land is God's favor.




The most beautiful is not Lijiang, but Puzhehei

 Puzhehei means——"Lake full of fish and shrimps".

The beauty of Puzhehei is known as   See the wonders of the world in one place,

You definitely don't want to leave when you come here.




The most beautiful is not the terracotta warriors, but the Yucha Grand Canyon

Yucha Grand Canyon has "World Living Danxia"   The reputation of "Chinese Dream Valley".

 See the wonders of the world-class canyon.

No need to apply for a passport to go to the United States,Can be seen here.

When you walk in here, you will feel like walking into a fairy tale dream world.




The most beautiful is not Mogao Grottoes, but Gannan

Gannan is called "Mysterious Little Tibet".

If you are afraid of altitude sickness,Also yearning for the scenery of Tibet can come to Gannan.

There are legendary,Kingdom of Shambhala.





The most beautiful is not Qinghai Lake, but Zhuoer Mountain

The Tibetan language of Zhuoershan is "Zongmuma Glaima"   Means beautiful ruddy queen.

At a glance,   Shades of green and   Crimson mountains crisscross.

People can't help but thank God for his great creation.


The most beautiful is not Hualien, but Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake appeared in   Beautiful scenery in elementary school textbooks.

Is our first impression of the beauty of Taiwan, China.

Known as "a special hole in the world".

The beauty of Chinese calligraphy and blue gems.


The most beautiful is not the Longji terraces, but Yangshuo

It is said that Guilin's landscape is the best in the world,The landscape of Yangshuo is the best in Guilin.  

 Misty Lijiang River,Smoke-filled mountains.

The brightly lit West Street...   Everything is nostalgic





The most beautiful is not the Hulunbuir prairie, but Aershan

Arshan is not a mountain,Its full name is "Harlan Arshan",Means "hot holy water" .

Here are the world’s largest hot springs,The country’s largest village, smallest city.

The most primitive forest, And the cleanest air,Here you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city~


The most beautiful is not Lhasa, but Linzhi

Linzhi is called "Tibet Jiangnan".

Linzhi's beauty combines wildness and softness.

The wild nature of the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon  , And Taohuagou is colorful in spring.

Static and dynamic, polarized strong natural beauty.


The most beautiful is not Helan Mountain, but Shapotou

Shapotou scenery collection,The essence of Northwest and Jiangnan.

Desert, Yellow River, mountains, oasis Harmoniously dissolved in one place.

Looking at the desert solitary smoke from the east   View of lush fields from the west,Feel the unique grandeur and grandeur of Shapotou!

Chinese calligraphy and the beauty of desert oasis.


The most beautiful is not Turpan, but Ili

Everyone says,I don’t know China University before Xinjiang,I don’t know the beauty of Xinjiang in Yili.

On the endless grassland,Flower sea, forest, lake, desert.

Make you fascinated, I want to stay here!





The most beautiful is not Victoria Harbour, but Tap Mun Island

Tap Mun Island is a quiet place rarely seen in Hong Kong.

Meet up with friends on weekends.

Talking in the night under the stars,Meditate in the sunrise.

Exclusive and comfortable "slow pace".


The most beautiful is not the St. Paul, but Coloane

Coloane is Macau,An independent small village.

The sea feasts on,Isolate outside the road ring,The original natural scenery is preserved here.

Here you can enjoy a lazy and natural life,If there is poetry and distance in my heart,   It's better to start now!

But be sure to wait for the epidemic to stabilize and improve before going.

Chinese calligraphy has a long history and has been deeply integrated into China's economic, social and humanistic landscape, creating China's No. 1 and No. 1 in the world time and time again.

China's future is the world's wood.Write Chinese characters and draw Chinese paintings. Welcome to Lin Lan's calligraphy and painting education!

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