Teacher Lin Lan tells you one, the weird means of transportation used by Yunnan people, there are pictures and the truth!

There are tens of thousands of roads in the world, and there are countless means of communication. Usually, people go to work and school by taking private cars or buses, and there is such a strange means of transportation in the world.  

It’s my own elephant! What?  

I heard it right, yes, yes, it's an elephant.  OMG! Will it pass the traffic lights?  

Will it make people? 

How fast is it in kilometers per hour?  

Like me, there are a lot of curiosities and questions, just know?  

Continue to look down…

When I saw this Chinese painting in the museum, wow! It was really hard to resemble. Yunnan people used to ride elephants when they went out!


"I heard that Yunnan people go out to ride elephants?"   

"I heard that there is elephant riding in the Yunnan college entrance examination program?"

As a Yunnanese

You must be familiar with such a stalk

But I want to tell you

Going out to ride an elephant

It's really not a stalk!

Do not believe?

Let's take a look at this preservation

In the Yunnan Provincial Museum   

"Multiplication Image" 

Let's take a look at the partial map first

"Riding elephant"
There are two elephants in the painting

The elephant above looks back and sideways

The elephant carries a saddle on its back

An old lady sitting inside

A young woman holding a baby

There is also a playful child

Umbrellas, food, baggage, water cans and other items are placed on the saddle

Sitting on the neck of the elephant in the saddleCompared with today's private car travel, there are more "like cars" that are more popular.


Let's take a look at the bottom of the screen

The other elephant is carrying two tubes

A man wearing a hat is riding on his neck

This man looks like a merchant

Can you rush the elephant to ship the goods?

Stump this is

The legendary "old driver"?

Let us enjoy the full version of "Multiplication Image"

Since ancient times

Yunnan people and elephants

 There has always been a subtle friendship


"Historical Records • Biographies of Dawan" by Sima Qian in the Han Dynasty 

It was once recorded that "there is a kingdom of Chengxiang, whose name is about Yunnan and Vietnam", Volume 7 of "Dianhai Yuhengzhi"  Records "like the chieftains of Yunnan"  Sima Qian said Yunnan and Yue are today's Yunnan. The docile elephant is an animal respected by all ethnic groups in Yunnan.

"Dianhai Yuhengzhi" sourced from Yunnan Daily


Bronze Statue of Elephant Riding Figure 19th Century 21.5 cm high. Collection of Yunnan Provincial Museum

In the production and life of the ancient Dian people, elephants are an indispensable and important means of production and transportation.  Like the cows and horses of the Central Plains, "riding elephants" and "xiang farming" are one of the most typical cultural characteristics.

In the wars around Yunnan, there are often tame elephants. "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Comic Strip The image of elephant warfare in "Zhuge Liang captures Meng Huo seven times"  Even more deeply rooted.

How about it, is it a good idea to ride an elephant, oh! But don’t go on the highway, or the police will be fined, huh! Just kidding.  And this "Picture of Riding an Elephant" is very well preserved so far! So how much dollars should it be worth?

Thank you again for reading this blog post carefully and learning Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy. Welcome to Linlan Calligraphy and Painting Education!

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