How did Chinese painting beginners fall in love with Chinese painting?

However, there is such a distinctive Chinese painting, beyond the homesickness of human beings, Mr. Zhang Daqian, a famous Chinese painter and calligrapher, will bring us a different style of Chinese painting.


Zhang Daqian Qiao Mufanghui n people use air conditioners and fans to cool off.  And how did the ancients who did not have these new things survive the days when the sun was scorching hot?  

Looking through some poems left by the predecessors to enjoy the cool and summer, the pictures of the ancients enjoying the summer are displayed in front of you, and it is not interesting to read.

Zhang Daqian Qiao Mufanghui


He came to chase Liu Wailiang, and leaned on Hu's bed on the south side of the painting bridge.   The moon is bright and the boat flute is staggered, and the wind is calm and the lotus in the pond is fragrant.   

This is a song "Enjoying the Cool" by Qin Guan in the Northern Song Dynasty. Presumably the poet could not stand the sweltering heat in the summer house, so he leaned on a folding chair under the shade of the willows by the river.  

The moon is bright and the wind is clear, the flute on the boat is gentle, the water is full of lotus and the fragrance is faint, such a beautiful scenery, the poet's heart.

Spring mountain horse training  

The riverside is naturally a good place for the ancients to escape the summer heat.  In the scorching summer, if you can enjoy the coolness at the "South Bank of the Painting Bridge" in Qinguan, you will really enjoy the happiness.  

The poet Yang Wanli of the Southern Song Dynasty who wrote "The lotus flower is different in the sun" will naturally linger in the lotus pond to enjoy the coolness.  

It wrote in "Summer Heat on the Pool":   The fine grass shook her head and hurriedly repaid, and her drapery blocked the west wind.   The lotus flower is still sad and hot in the twilight, and the low face is hidden in the blue umbrella.

Lanxin after the rain



Lin Cui on the shore, the lotus in the pond is red, the water is clear and the wind is clear, and the sound of the city is far away. 

How can it be like becoming an immortal in such a summer sanctuary?  As a result, Tang poet Liu Yuxi also described in "Liu Consort Liu Ma Shuiting to Escape the Summer":   

Thousands of bamboos are green and lotus red, and the water pavilion is empty.   The red amber cup is suspected of leaking wine, and the crystal curtain is more ventilated.   What a beautiful summer resort.

splash color lotus

Under the forest and trees, it is also a good place for the ancients to enjoy the cool air.  Among the many summer poems, there are many such works.   

When the wind and the sun are dry, the grass is full of flowers and the tower is full of water,   The boy Liu Yinmian was standing, and a cow had eaten Liu Yinxi.   

In the poem, after the summer rain, a shepherd boy slept soundly under the shade of the willows to escape the heat, and slept until the sun slanted.

Green Valley and Qingxi 1975

Sitting alone in Yumoli, playing the piano and screaming.   People in the deep forest don't know, the bright moon will come to take pictures.   

The green bamboo is green, the guqin is on display, the forest is deep and the moon is bright, and you can sing and sing.  Tang poet Wang Wei wrote down the romantic pictures of bamboo forests in "Bamboo Pavilion", which is really refreshing.

Qingshan High Hidden Figure 1976

Living in the market, there are not only water pavilions and painted bridges everywhere, but it is also rare to see deep forests and bamboos.  So Yang Wanli wrote in "Chasing the Cool in Summer Nights":   

The night heat is still the same as the afternoon heat, and the door is opened in the middle of the moon.   In the place where the bamboos are deep and the trees are dense with insects, sometimes there is a slight coolness but only the wind.   

It is conceivable that the night heat is hard to handle, and the poet is afraid that it will be difficult for the poet to enter the state of mind of "Xiaohe only shows sharp corners", so he opens the door and stands under the moonlight.  

At this time, there was a sound of insects from the forest in the distance, the breeze was blowing, and the coolness suddenly grew.  Such a scene should be written as a real scene of ordinary people seeking coolness in a cool night, which is very life-like.

A secluded residence in the forest, 1978


To escape the summer and enjoy the cool to find poetry, should be the elegance of people who do not worry about food and clothing, and ordinary people who are running around for a living, I am afraid it is rare.  Wu Jiaji, a poet of the Qing Dynasty, wrote in a "quatrain":   

The white-headed stove is in a low-thatched cottage, next to the fire with salt and fire in June.   Stepping out of the door in the heat, taking a break is to enjoy the shade.   

This poem describes the kitchen households who make a living by boiling salt. They just walked from the fire for frying salt to the hot door for a moment to enjoy the cool.

Zhang Daqian Xishan Wanxing


Whether the pokers are comfortable to escape the summer heat, or the stove households are taking a break from the heat, the real coolness lies in the calmness of the mind. 

The so-called "calmness of the mind is naturally cool."   Why do you relieve your boredom and heat, and sit in a courtyard.   There is no long thing in front of you, and there is a cool breeze under the window.   Dissipate heat from the mind, and cool the room to empty the room.   

At this time, it is more difficult to protect yourself and be the same as others.   Give up desires, correct your mentality, keep your qi and heart at peace, and naturally coolness will gradually arise.

Zhang Daqian Bifeng Cloud Waterfall

The sound of autumn is early in the tall trees, and the heat in the corridor is mild.   There is no need for He Shuoyin, and when you cook tea, you forget to go home.     

In the sweltering summer, as long as you are not impatient or impatient, a pot of old tea can taste refreshing and poetic.   A cup of tea, a volume of poetry and books, and carefully read these ancient poems about enjoying the coolness.

Zhang Daqian Taniguchi Family


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