One of Wang Xizhi's favorite calligraphy classics in his life

Lin Lan’s calligraphy and calligraphy education has specially selected the classic calligraphy works that are most admired by the world among all the calligraphy works of Wang Xizhi

I will share with you today. In the process of appreciating the works, we may not necessarily be able to see what it means, but we  From the perspective of fine art works, you can appreciate its curvy beauty and mystery!

Okay, let's let us return to the ancient, to explore the mysterious shocking ancient calligraphy community. 


Calligrapher Wang Xizhi is the most famous and accomplished calligrapher in China. He has drawn on the best of others and formed his own family. Not only is he a symbolic monument in the history of Chinese calligraphy, it has a profound influence on Chinese calligraphy for thousands of years, but also left a large number of rich and diverse calligraphy  Boutique.

"Lanting Preface"

Wang Xizhi's "Landing Preface" is known as "the world's first line of writing".  "Lanting Preface" has strong artistic characteristics.  Its outstanding feature is its natural composition and vivid charm.  Throughout the full text, it is calm, unhurried, and handy, 

organically combining the artistic style with the text content, and fully demonstrates Wang Xizhi's self-sufficient feelings when gathering with friends.  The love and writing, the heart and hands are one, and the spirit is vivid. It has been regarded as a model for learning running script by scholars of the past dynasties.


Thank you post

①Second Xie's face is not compared to each other
② Chi Zhuliang is not quiet 
③The daughter of Xi loves to worship again.  Want to Tai'er Xijia 
④The former patient is kind.  When submitting the proposal, try to find province 
⑤Play on the left .


Mourning posts

Xizhi Suspension: The extreme of mourning, the tomb first and then the poison, chasing the cruel, the admiration, the pain to the heart, and the pain!  Although it was repaired, no Mercedes-Benz was obtained, and the poison was deepened.  The paper felt choked, I don't know what to say.  Xi Zhidun gave his first speech.


Rack post

"Recking Posts", also known as "As usual Posts" and "Yesterdays Posts".  It is 14.1 cm in length and 26.4 cm in width, with a total of 36 characters in 4 lines. It is a copy from the Five Dynasties to the Northern Song Dynasty.  
National level cultural relics.  It was a text message written by Wang Xizhi to a friend during his illness.  This post has a superb brushwork and a calm and vigorous style. It was once recorded in the "Chunhua Pavilion Post" and is an orderly art treasure. 

Daguan Post

Notes of Daguan Period (Notes of Daguan Period), a series of posts carved by officials of the Northern Song Dynasty in China.  The engraving work was presided over by Long Dayuan, and Cai Jing was ordered to write the caption in the post.  
Because it was carved on the first month of the third year of Huizong Daguan (1109), the world called it "Daguan Tie".  After being carved, it is placed downstairs in Taiqing, also known as "Taiqing Lou Tie", and there are also people who call it "Tai Qing Lou Tie".  The rubbings after the stone inscriptions were used for gifts, so it is less popular.

Seventeen posts

"Seventeen Posts" is a famous representative of Wang Xizhi's cursive script, named after the two characters "17" at the beginning of the volume.  The original ink was lost early, and now the "Seventeen Posts" is a block copy.  
Tang Zhang Yanyuan’s "Fashu Yaolu" records the original ink marks of the "Seventeen Tie": "The Seventeen Tie is one meter and two feet long, that is, the inner version of Zhenguan Zhongnei, one hundred and seven lines, nine hundred forty-three characters.  It is a famous post by Xuanhe. Emperor Taizong purchased the Book of Two Kings. The Book of Great Kings has 3,000 papers. 
The volume is one foot and two feet, and the writings and words are similar to each other. "This post is a set of letters.  According to research, it was written to his friend Yizhou Governor Zhou Fu.  The writing time ranges from the three years of Yonghe to the five years of Shengping (AD 347-361), and it lasts as long as fourteen years. It is an important material for studying Wang Xizhi's life and the development of calligraphy.  Bao Shichen from the Qing Dynasty has an article entitled "Seventeen Posts and Sentiments" for reference.

Wang Xizhi's "Le Yi Lun"
Forty-four lines of "Le Yi Lun", Chu Suiliang's "Book List of Jin Youjun Wang Xi" ranked first.  Liang Tao Hongjing said: "There are several famous relics of the right army: "Huang Ting Jing", "Cao'e Stele", "Le Yi Lun" are also." 
The originals are long gone.  The Youjun books received by Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty are all authentic, but this post contains only stone inscriptions.  There are many kinds of extant engraved editions, and the "Secret Pavilion Edition" and "Yuezhou Shishi Edition" are the best.


Wang Xizhi's "Huang Ting Jing" ▼ 
"Huang Ting Jing", works by Wang Xizhi in small letters, one hundred lines.  Originally it was Huangsu silk, but it was carved on stone in Song Dynasty. Rubbings are spread.  The post is extremely strict, and its spirit is also relaxed, with a beautiful and cheerful attitude.  
"Huang Ting Jing" is a classic Chinese Taoist work. According to legend, it was written by Lao Tzu. The content is based on a seven-character verse, telling the truth of Taoist health training.  "Huang Ting Jing" has a few words, but its content is profound and its meaning is far-reaching. It is a compulsory classic of Taoism.

Xing Rang Tie
After stepping down, the nine people still said they should never?  Most are in office.

Sad Post▼
①Frequent sorrows, sorrow 
③unable to win
④what can I do!  Save comfort ,intensify.

Walnut Post
This post is from Wang Xizhi’s cursive "Seventeen Posts". For the full text, see "Secretary of the Right Army": ‘You can get two kinds of medicine and walnut medicine. If you are content, Rong salt is also necessary for taking food.  After being satisfied, I said that I must take it.  
He who knows me hopes that there is a saying, and I have no chance to see Qing, so I can laugh.  ’The existing post has been mutilated, only 21 words remain.  Interpretation ……Return to the recent, not allowed.  He who knows me hopes, there is a saying.  I don't have the chance to see Qing, so I laughed.

Post after the rain▼
After the rain today, it was unsuccessful. With this, I want to be able to make things easier.  When he asks about the book, he will always think of it as a lesson, and he will never know how to do it.  Xizhi.

Sister Zhi Post
My sister is so emotional that it is difficult to send and worry about it. 

Changfeng Post
Every time you read the wind, you cannot bear it.  I got the book yesterday, which is both ruined and rejuvenated.  The wise and virtuous room is so frustrated, why are you so helpful, so hard, and hardworking.  Knowing the twenty-fourth book, the (uncle) Tiger's twenty-second book, the new year of the cloud is to be issued.  
Anshi must wish for Kepan's family yesterday, and wish for the 25th.  In one step, Zhang Ling hasn't passed through before, and the next step is as close as you want to see.  Why are you sending these four pieces of paper to be blanched today?  Can you learn?

Youmu Post
To save one step, don’t be sparse, with the strangeness of the earth, mountains and rivers, Yang Xiong's "Shu Capital", Zuo Taichong's "Three Capitals", they are especially unprepared.  It's so strange to learn about it, and it's good enough for him to travel around.  If you get results, you should tell the Qing to welcome. 
Few people's feet and ears.  At the moment it indicates.  The later period is true, and the day is the year.  I want to step down to the other side of the earth without any reason.  If you want to be in love with you, you must be enlightened and revolve in Emei, which is an immortal event.  But in this way, the heart is in the air.

Zhan Jinlong Guarantee Post
First month post
Shanyinxi’s report on the 12th day of the first lunar month is about to send this book for help.  Although it is far from comforting, I have exhorted Qing Jia not to suffer from the special inferiority, but Fang Zhi said that the worry and the strength are not rewarded.    This post is one of the best post Wang Xizhi has left.  Compared with Wang Xizhi's other cursive script, it has ancient meaning and may be an earlier work.  
There are many characteristics in the writing, knotting and composition of this post.  For example, the penultimate line of "Tao Sorrow" and the last line of "Bao" are not straightforward, but with rich changes.  For example, the first and last strokes of the character "worry", the vertical drawing on the left side of the character "Huai", and the last stroke of the character "bao", the strokes are either short or long, or hidden or exposed.  However, the middle is full of subtle changes.  Weng Fanggang's so-called "intermediate pass", Bao Shichen's so-called "good use of music", "the ancients are so powerful that they are unattainable, they will be cut in the painting" and so on.  
The pen is mainly center forward, and some characters such as "mountain" and "bao" use side front.  The size of the knots varies, whether it is long or short, or flat or slanted, all depending on the font shape and temperament. The lines do not require vertical symmetry, and the line spacing does not require uniformity. This determines the ups and downs and changes of this post.  The whole face is unpredictable.  This situation has something to do with people's pursuit of natural and natural social atmosphere.  After the Tang Dynasty, it was difficult for such characters to appear after the pursuit of refinement and regulation.

 Post a long time

Kuai Xue Shi Qing Post

Xi Zhidun first: It's fine when it snows fast, good.  I want to Anshan①.  Unsuccessful result ②, ineffective ③.  Wang Xizhi paused.  Shanyin Zhanghou.  The existing post is suspected to be a copy of the Tang Dynasty, and it has not yet been determined.  The sticker is 23cm in length and 14.8cm in width, with four lines and 28 characters.  "Kai Xue Shi Qing Tie" is a letter, the content of which is the author's happy mood and greetings to relatives in the beginning of the heavy snow.

Kong Shizhong Post

September 17 Xizhibao①: And because of Kong Shizhong’s letter②, it must arrive.  I don’t know the leading disease, ask ③

Get a post

Obtained, contentedness is still not good, grudge.  I am also inferior.  Tomorrow, the sunrise is good, so do not want to touch the fog.  Late.  Wang Xizhi paused.

Ping An Post

This rough and safe repair has been carried out by more than a dozen people who have recently gathered and hoped to return tomorrow.

He Ru Feng Orange Post


Avenue Post

The road is not going down for a long time.


Yuan eunuch post

Save the uniqueness, and ask for comfort at one step.  Divide more, read the suspense under one's foot, Wuchang scholars also far away.  Do you want to take care of it?  The old woman is very sick, save her life, and always worry.  I rough and safe.  Contentment and love.


Shangyu Post

Fan Qixing, the text says: I have a book to know that I have abdominal pain at night, unbearable, Qing hates the desire to come back, repairing age is coming, and the day is today, Yuyue is not going to re-citize Xidan, and I will stay away  I don't know, what Anzai said when he was untrial, which is very disturbing.

Newspaper ▼


Wang Xizhi's Collected Words "The Preface to the Holy Religion"

Wang Xizhi, a calligraphy genius, was shocked after appreciating his works.  Maybe you also want to pick up a pen to imitate his handwriting.  Oh no! Don't just write it without professional guidance, it will outweigh the gain.  

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